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MIKA cat names


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Alice. That's a lovely name. I once read a book called Alice's Diary. It was a diary about a cat called Alice. It was written by Vernon Coleman.


I think Ioana suggested that because Mika has said that if he had a (male) kid, he'd call him Alice.

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oh... well i never have heard of a boy named alice....yaaaaa......sooooooo.

kay anyways thanx 4 ur help! haha! i can see mika's kid named alice but my cat no! mika is a girls name in japan soooo... (the only reason i know that is cuz japaneze exchange students came to are school.a girl i met waz called Mika..):roftl: :roftl: :roftl:

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I love Billy Brown for a cat. It makes the cat more human, now you can tell friends "I'm going home to make dinner for Billy Brown" and they'll go "oooh is that your boyfriend" :naughty:


I have a male rat called Mika btw I couldn't get a pic because he's really shy, it's a dumbo and the only one in the cage. He has the funniest ears. Here's a pic I found. It's not my Mika but he looks a lot like him/it (don't know what to use in this case). I named it Mika because I couldn't come up with another name and because I thought it was the coolest rat of the pack and he was special, I don't know he felt like a rat version of Mika (even though he hates rats :blush-anim-cl: )



But he does love the singers Rat Pack though. :biggrin2:

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Humans are also animals. :boxed:


But I would never call a cat "Christine" or something similar! hah!


But Stephen King called A CAR Christine !!!! (What's the fuss with me and Stephen King, tonight ???? I can't stop referring to him ! ).


Btw, a movie called "Didier" was released in France : it was about a dog who was called by a human name (well... Didier, pronounce Did-yeah) and this dog was suddenly turned into a man, but this man still behaved like a dog, which created very hilarious situations. At the end of the movie, Didier becomes a dog again but then, he can... talk, which he never could when he was a guy ! It's one of the funniest movies I ever saw ! :biggrin2: :biggrin2:

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:roftl: I like chubby bunny haha


But Zorro and Billy Brown are nice aswell


If I had a cat I would call it "dog" :roftl: :roftl: :roftl: :roftl:


i had a cat called DOGIE!


he was so funny and cute!

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are thay japanese kitties??? im so mad at the animal shelter..there are two cats i would want and i said either one i would take....thay almost wouldnt let me have one cuz they were concerned cuz my last two cats ran away... they still havent called me back...though they are supposed to call today. i picked these two names whichever cat i get will depend on my choosing...:biggrin2:




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