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Can you??


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Does anyone on the site do anything that reminds you of Mika??


Can anyone immitate his accent?

Sing like the man himself? Anything at all. :cool:


Tell you why I am doing this thread. The reason behind this, is

I have noticed that when I laugh out loud, I sound like Mika. :shocked:


Is that amazing or what??:insane::lol3:

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This is a cute thread.


I've noticed when i laugh, i sound a little like Mika.


It's kinda weird actually.:blink:


Lol!! That's something i'd like to hear! I have a very weird laugh too. It can't be described, it's just some kinda sounds that come out of my mouth. :roftl:

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i never sing....not even alone...well.....:fisch: all i do is sew and make things and obsess over mika!lol! dont try to sing or play an instrument..wel i can play the recorder and a little keyboard cuz it is required in school.....by our mean music teacher mrs.healer!i cant stand that lady!though i did get an A+ in music class!:naughty: no! i would never kiss up to her!not me!:fisch:

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I've ALWAYS had a destinctive giggle... I describe it as a lazy laugh... You think somethings funny, but you don't want to open your mouth all the way and be all jolly. LOL... it's just a little giggle... I've always had it... When I heard Mika laugh for the first time in that youtube interview where he goes to the zoo, I knew there was something special :mf_lustslow:

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