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Hiiii from Lithuania!


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Hello ;}

I'm Catherina from Lithuania . In August 29th I am having my 16 birthday :> I'm sooooo in love with music, this year I graduated from my music school, piano and singing. Just after that I founded Mika .. Tallented guy :thumb_yello: Few days ago I had baught Mika's cd for my mom. Now she likes him too. :biggrin2:

Music isn't just one hobby I have. I love books.. :blush-anim-cl: My favorite ones are all Paulo Coelho, Mika Waltari books, also Peter Pan, some books from Thomas Mayne Reid repertoire like The Headless Horseman :mf_lustslow: Don Quijote de la Mancha is one of my favorites too.. Now I'm reading Patrick's Süskind's "Perfume", really good book :wink2:

This year, when I will not have to go to my music school anymore, I am going to start learning chinese. I guess it will be quiet interesting :rolleyes:

Well, that's all for now :}


Oh, I forgot to mention that I have some witch powers ;DD Almost everything what I want come true. That's quiet scary sometimes. One friend says that I just use my brain or smthng blah blah, but I prefer my witch theory ;DDD

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:welcomeani: Catherina!


Hey, my birthday is the day after yours... but I'm quite a bit older than

16! :wink2:


Have fun getting to know everyone around the forum --it's a great place! :thumb_yello:



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