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Happy Ending & More...


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So guess what ive found for you?

Surely pink hasnt found the making of the happy ending vid i hear you say?


And, whats more is i even asked for permission for a thread incase it was reposted - must have gotten out of the wrong side of the bed today (the side where the wall is maybe).


Oh and i found this too, made me chuckle, slow start but worth it


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Will be interesting to see the end result but it does spoil the magic in terms of the balloons - instead of them rising from no where, now we know there were some crew members laying on the floor lifting them up and down :(


Looks like he will be floating .... that blue background will have some interesting images on :cool:

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Now that has to have been filmed really recently, surely, and you never get to see the making of videos before the actual vid usually.


Is it the production company that have posted it do you think?


It said 24th August, so last Friday. It must have been someone in the

production company, but whether it was authorized... :naughty:

but I must admit it, it's very cool to get this behind-the-scenes peek!


Also, what a great choice of background song! I played it twice, just to hear Bowie!



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