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hi everybody


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i am rosetta from belgium:wink2: i am happy to be a member of the mfc:roftl: i love Mika's music sooooo much,and when i am listening to his interviews i can see that Mika is not only a realy excellent artist,but he also is an adorable personn!just love him:mf_lustslow: hey everybody at the mfc sorry but i don't speak realy good english so sorry for my mistakes:blush-anim-cl:

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Hello rosetta!! welcome!!

I hope you have seen the EMAs...Mika was so beautiful...

If not, tell us and we'll tell you whre to look for the videos...


have a nice time here! we're very friendly people, indeed :thumb_yello:


see you, Romi

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hi everybody:wink2: thanks to eveyone for "welcome" messages,it makes me happy:roftl:


hey martine i speak french!


MIKA IS THE BEEEEEEEST :thumb_yello::mf_lustslow:


Moi aussi je parle le français!!! :punk:


Si jamais tu es fatiguée de parler en anglais et que tu veux parler français tu peux aller sur ce thread :wink2:





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