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Mika in commercial spot for NRJ awards (video)


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Yes, that's what they all say. Mika starts by "This year, it is for me". And then the other go "No, for me ! For me ! Vote for me ! This trophy is mine ! No, mine ! Mine ! I could do evetything ! I could even scream ! Aaaaaaaaaah !" And then, Mika again "For me" and this French singer catches it saying "No, for me !". That's all.

But I love the way Mika jumps !

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You didn't make that vid, did you? I know it says Chupetin1980 and I know that's somebody on here, but the youtube/MFC screenames are different and I can't figure out who it is on the MFC.


Anyway, I need to ask a question to whoever made it. :naughty:


No I didn't make it. I believe that's CaroLollipop's account, I'm not 100% sure though

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