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Mika at les Disques d'Or in Paris


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Good morning everyone!


Congrats to myself for the 1000th post!:toot:


The French website got to know it through the following link:




and it had been announced on TV too (Direct 8 channel).


The show is supposed to be recorded within 3 days but Mika attended only yesterday. Don't know where he's heading today...



I have the Christmas party at work (I absolutely don't want to go but I have no choice....) so I hope to be able to post the picture tomorrow evening if I have it.


Thanks for sharing the news....I am very happy for you. Can't wait to see the photos! I hope you have some fun at the Christmas party! Enjoy!

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'em, this is so exciting!


meeting mika in 5 ppl, i know i'm not wrong when i call you the French Armada! You rock girls! and Olga is an absolute mega-fan!


i'm happy to know that he's better and that john is even more collaborative...!




and we miss andy....ANDREW, sorry!!! :wink2:

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Today big day! Got my picture with Mika !!!!!! I look awful on it but nevermind it' better than nothing!


He was attending Les Disques d'Or in the suburb of Paris. This program is about bestselling artists and will be aired during Christmas break (probably Christmas Eve?). We saw quickly Craig David' date=' Tokio Hotel and French artists like Christophe Maé, Zazie, Johnny Haliday, Etienne Daho. We know that Mika sang Relax and Big Girl. We did not try to get inside as we thought (and we were right) that he would not stay until the end. We wanted to meet him when he would leave.


Olga was there at 1:30pm, she saw Mika a few times and had wonderful pictures taken with him. She was the only Mika fan there lol.


I arrived at 7:30pm (after wondering many times: should I go or not? I really hesitated. Glad I did go!). We waited in the cold until 11pm, freezing. We ended up being 5 mika fans there.


The band came out first (Martin was not there), around 10pm, we just said hi and they left quickly. Cherisse and Saranayde still had their make up on, it was MASSIVE!!!


We saw him doing a photo shoot by the window with balloons. We were a total of 5 Mika fans (not too many lol). He waved at us a couple of times.


Andy came out to interview us and ask if we were not too angry and disappointed that Mika cancelled his show in London. I was the only one speaking English so I explained him that we understood as we saw that Mika was really unwell.


John came out after a while, and said: Hi Ladies, are you crazy being in the cold? We negotiated a group picture with the 5 of us. When Mika came out, there were a few other people who also got pictures with him. Without them, we would have managed a couple of minutes talk... Well nevermind. We still managed to each get one single picture with Mika so we got more than what was negotiated :roftl: .


Mika seems better and said he is actually. We heard John call Andy Andrew so now we know it's his real name :thumb_yello: !


Ah and Yasmine and Paloma were there too, they left before Mika.[/quote']

Oh Em, I am happy for you! Only 5 fans waiting for Mika?! That's not many...:thumb_yello: And how great Mika's feeling better now! :groupwave:

You all got your pic with him? Amazing???

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with all of us!



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Hey Em, nice one for getting your pic with the big guy, can't wait to see it.

So how's Andy then, is he alright?

And whats happened to Martin?

Well we know where Mika will be tomorrow, at Jo Whileys house, and I'M NOT THE LEAST BIT JEALOUS OF HIM!:naughty:

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Prepare you to die!!! :naughty:


Or if you want to survive, don't watch it on TF1 and wait someone to put it on You Tube


That's a good idea, but the quality wont be good so...

Well,what I'll do is watch france 2 and I'll switch channels about every 2 seconds :roftl:

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