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Hello Fellow Mika Fans!!


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Hi, I posted twice under my daughters user name (with her approval, of course)

I am mom to two girls wife to one husband and a Mika fan.


Back in March Mr. Mika & Co. were on Good Morning America and that pretty much it, I was MIKAFIED

It stayed in my mind till one day @ Taget I was found the cd and bought it.

There has been no looking back.


Mika_Obessed, my dd. found out that Mika was coming back to GMA. Long story

short the whole family went and we had a GREAT time.


We were stage right and that was the area right next Cherise and Mikeys amps so that section didn't get much camera time or Mika time.

So during a break I yelled out "Mika, show us some love." He smiled and came over. My dd got her poster autographed and I asked about his home school time.

(It was all I could think of right away) But something to make a connection.

He was gracious to answer. His energy was awesome.



We are going to see Mika & Co. at Terminal 5 in NYC on 2/2/08 and I look forward to meeting some of you.




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