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The Oldlings Thread (Part 8)!!!


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Good Morning Everyone!!:thumb_yello:


Mika day for Sarahlou and Carri!!!!!


I got tickets for Paris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kath! I can't believe it! :shocked:


But good for you! And Abby! :thumb_yello:


take yer knickers off & wave them about he`ll never miss u then :naughty:


Oh dear -- that's something I'd never do. He surely wouldn't want to

see my granny panties! :roftl:


Robi.......................please come! You know you want to! I think we are going on the Wednesday, then to Disney on Thursday, concert on Friday, sight seeing Sat..then home late Saturday night.


Disney???!!! Grrr! Mika and Mickey in one weekend and I can't be there

with you?! :sneaky2:


It's too much for me to bear... :tears:



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Hi Deb! :thumb_yello:


Sorry about the double M! M and M indeed! :naughty: But you are seeing Mika in NYC!!!!!:naughty:


Yes Vicky............Ab pointed out to me that I had totally cocked up all the dates in my sig...it looks as though I am going to see Mika this week! :mf_lustslow: Silly Oldling....again! I must sort it..but I shouldn't be here anyway, I will have to do it later. Just wanted to post a pic of my Chicken board! See ya later :thumb_yello:


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All housekeeping done...dates amended...chicken board posted...now i must go and attend to real life! Bye for now everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Thats' better !!:naughty:

You don't want to wait til 2208!



love the chicken borad!:naughty:

Maybe another project in the looming ... a chicken poster!



I MUST go too! .....!

bye xx

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