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Post a pic of your favourite Mika outfit and tell why that's your favourite (Don't have to tell:naughty: )

Please don't post pics of the shirtless LT breakdown, please only pics where Mika has his clothes on:naughty:

You can post as many pics as you want. But please no random Mikapics, only with your favourite outfit. Yeah I know I'm whining too much:naughty:

To make it less boring: Post your least favourite Mika-outfit aswell.

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oooh, i'm not sure what it is but i LOVE his brown hoodie with all the markings on it! He looks super cute in it and it looks so good with his eyes and hair :bleh::blush-anim-cl::thumb_yello: Its one of hte most amazing hoodies i have ever seen (and i'm a huge hoodie fan!)





.....shirtless is always fine by me as well:P

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honestly..I like ALL the jackets + pants outfits:wub2:



edit:ok, I didn't like the yellow one ^^


I'm with you I love all his outfits, it's too hard to pin one down, although his turquoise jeans, from the LT video, are a particular favourite.

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i love all of his outfits, but i have to say about the full red outfit in gk cos thats my very first memory of him and the first time i fell in love:blush-anim-cl:



i also absolutely love his brown hoodie with all the funny things on, wonder were he got it from. im a hoodie person too!


and of cors i love the purple skinnies


and i quite like this hoodie too


and... i could go on and on cos i just love evrything he wears:bleh:


I love the hoodies too (I'm a hoodie person myself). Except the one he wore to the Kanye West thing. :blink:


wot kanye west thing? have i missed something again?

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