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Annoying Question...


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So have you ever sat for ages over a question that you just dont no the answer to?

such as;

*Who was that guy in that film!!!*

*What is that damn song?*

*what was that film*

*what is the square root of 100005878?*


Any random question atal!!


hey if you have homework and you have a question thats need answering post it up and maybe we can help :P

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Fish can drow, if you pull them backwards by the tali fin in water..apparently anyway... .don't know the other one..


Why would you want to?

Unless you are some psycho fish killer. LOL!

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The square root of 100005878 is 10000.2939 by the way.



I've no idea if that's true, but I believe you!


I always wonder about where I've seen actors/actresses before, but it usually comes to me a couple of hours later, or I just look it up on imdb. :bleh:


There are some questions I wonder about, but they won't come to mind right now. :roftl:

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I'm always pondering about random unanswerable stuff XD


"Where does the universe end?"

"Where/when did the universe begin?"

"How did all the particles that make up planets come about, before any Big Bangs or what have you?"

"If the universe has existed for infinity, how did it ever begin in the first place?"



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Chicken or egg, what came first? :mf_rosetinted:







Chicken. Lots and lots of it. :mf_rosetinted::naughty:





I've now decided that the universe can't possibly have existed for all infinity, but that's just given way to even more questions, this time about what came before the universe... :roftl: oh dearie dear...

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