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The MFC Scripts - One offs!


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Hello my squirelly gang! I've decided to do a thread dedicated to my random scripts, so if ya see any floating about, POST 'EM HERE!


I know I did one recently in the "Mikasounds blog updates" thread so I'll post that here in a second.


However, I just got struck by inspiration and here's a new script from yours truly!


Mika opened his eyes lazily and a blurry vision welcomed him. He did not know where he was; the only thing he knew was that he was moving and, well, alive, as you often find when you wake up. Oh, and hungry. Oh! And in need of the toilet. But his first thoughts were "ZOMG I'm moving?!" so let's leave it at that, before we completely deviate from the point.

Mika turned to his right and knew immediately that he was not in the flat because A) Flats don't move and B) It was different wall. It was polished wood, unlike the teddy bear wallpaper his mother had put up for him in his bedroom.

Mika then saw a bright light shining down on him and, like a frightened, tiny rodent, he curled up into a ball and...


Mika: Aaaaahhhh!!!!!!! I'm being abducted, I'M BEING ABDUCTED!!!! *starts blindly clawing at the air in desperate hope to scratch the "abducter"*

Andy: And this is how Mika wakes up....

Mika: WTF?! Andy?!

Andy: Yeah, I'm documenting you. For your website. As you can see, Mika wears curlers in bed -

Mika: Damn it Andy! I thought I fired you!

Andy: Um......no.........:fisch:

Mika: Oh.

Andy: Losing track?

Mika: Well with all this apparently "firing the keyboarder whose name I don't remember" and this new Sunshine boy replacing him and this new singer coming along, I forget who's got fired and who's got hired.

Andy: Well, you didn't fire me.

Mika: I'm sure I did.

Andy: Why WOULD you fire me?

Mika: Because I wanna hold the camera, and because I know I won't make porn videos. Unlike SOMEONE ELSE.

Andy: God you're so selfish Mika you can't do everything on your o-

Mika: YES I CAN! *folds arms defiantly*

Andy: :sigh:

Mika: Look, I'll PROVE it. Where's my special book?

Andy: Isn't it under your pillow, like always?

Mika: *looks underneath pillow* Oh yeah. How'd you know where it was?

Andy: :fisch:

Mika: Pffft! *retrieves book* Aha! Here it is...


Mika opens the book - which has lined paper - and sees drawings and doodles on the pages that describe what he's thinking and his thought process. Mika's first drawing is of a stickman by a keyboard with black hair, but has a red cross over him, and a huge flame right next to him.


Mika: Oh, I DID fire that guy. Oops.

Andy: What was it for?


Mika turns the next page over to see a face with curly hair and a face with oriental eyes looking green.


Mika: Erm. I can't remember.

Andy: :blink:

Mika: ANYWAY! Back to my point...


Mika flips a few more pages (with a funny looking drawn squirrel running animatedly at the bottom of the pages which Mika drew when he was bored) and then he found it.

A stickman with a camera. A stickman with curly hair all coloured in green. Stickman with curly hair sets stickman with camera on fire. Stickman with curly hair looks all happy. Stickman with curly hair gets camera and runs away.


Andy: Mika that's really sadistic.

Mika: It looks funny in my head.

Andy: You have a messed up head.

Mika: Oh no have my curls fallen out?

Andy: Wtf? You've got curlers in! And that's not -

Mika: Omg! There hairspray! Where's the hairspray?! *jumps out from bed and starts rummaging around*

Andy: MIKA -

Mika: Oh naff off Andy YOU'RE FIRED!


Mika opens the biggest window and throws Andy out of it, leaving a trail of an echoing "Noooooooo!" behind him.


Mika: HA! That'll teach him for messing with ME! *looks all proud of himself* Now where the hell is that hairspray...*scratches head*


A good few hours later...


Mika has his camera turned on and the scene turns out to be in the "kitchen" on the bus, which really only consists of a mini fridge, and a cupboard with a kitchen top. Mika looks confusedly into the lens.


Mika: ARE. YOU. ON?






Still nothing.


Mika: Testing, testing, 123! .......Where did Andy go anyway? :blink: ...meh! Anyway, er.....well I guess it's on.

Well hey guys! It's Mika! It's....*looks at clock* I don't know what time it is cos I can't read it but judging by the position if the sun...*looks outside the windows and sees dark clouds and pitter patter of rain* Dang! There's no sun! Oh wait, damn it, am I back in England?! I'm so confused. WETTY WETTY RAIN, WETTY RAIN....

Well anyway, I'm guessing that it's early cos I'm about to have breakfast! Let me show you how I make my breakfast...


Mika opens the cupboard to find no more cereal.


Mika: Ahh poop. No more cereal. Um....TOASTER! We gotta have some bread and a toaster. Right well...there's the bread...and there's the toaster...plug it in.....YAY! Right. We're rolling now! Let's put the bread in...


Mika stands there for three minutes waiting for the bread to pop up, and looks at the camera now and then, checking his hair, fondling his neck and looking very uncomfortable for not saying anything in the three minutes...


The toaster pings but the bread gets stuck.


Mika: *smiles reassuringly at the camera* It will come up in a minute.


The bread does not come up after another full minute, and smoke starts to come up.


Mika: Ah crap. *gets knife* Let's poke around and see if I can get it up --

Yasmine: NO YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!! *runs onto the scene* Put the knife down, i said PUT THE KNIFE DOWN!

Mika: Waaaaah!!!

Yasmine: You'd electrocute yourself, stupid boy!

Mika: Shut up.

Yasmine: *flicks the switch up on the toaster*

Mika: Awww it's all black...best feed it to the birds!


Mika grabs the two slices of black, burned toast, opens the window, throws one out which is amazingly received by a running Andy, and then throws the other one out.

Mika shuts the windows and shuts the curtains, and hears a car crash. Mika opens the window and curtains again to see that the toast had landed on the windscreen of a car and shocked the driver.


Mika: Oops.

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The script from the Blog Updates thread:


(jokingly said Mika should have a secret surveillance camera in his house, like what Graham Norton did in the men's toilets in the episode that Mika and Dustin Hoffman were on, and they could speak to them from a microphone and freak them out)


narrator: Mika is now pouring rice krispies into his flowery bowl...

Mika: what the-? *looks around*

N: Mika is now confused.

M: :blink: *gets milk*

N: Mika is now getting FULL FAT Milk out of his refridgerator.

M: I KNOW I am!!!

N: Mika is now angry.

M: Leave me alone, weirdo!

N: Mika has now put three teaspoons of sugar over his cereal, the sweet tooth.

M: Stop judging me! In fact, STOP WATCHING ME!

N: Put that knife down, Mika.

M: NO!

N: You can't eat cereal with a knife, Mika.

M: Pfffft! What kind of idiot do you take me for?! I KNOW THAT!

N: Haha.


N: Mika is feeling humiliated.

M: Grrrrrrr!!!!!

N: Mika is now eating Rice Krispies......Mika is ignoring me.

M: *giggles*

N: Mika is enjoying listening to the snap, crackle and pops.

M: *giggles some more*

N: Come on Mika, I'm bored now.

M: WILL YOU F--K OFF?!?!?!

N: I can't. I'm watching over you.

M: Sicko!


- 3 hours later, Mika is watching TV -


N: Mika is scratching his nuts.

M: You're STILL HERE?!?!?! Can't a guy scratch himself in PEACE?!?!

N: I hope you'll wash your hands.

M: :mad3:

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Waaaahh! Aaaaaaahhh! Mwhahahh! OMG this is just ... haha! I have no words, so funny!!! Thanks a lot! :huglove:


No worries! To be honest I did kinda miss making them...:naughty: but it probably won't connect like the other script did, it will just be random ones lol...

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girlll!! you`re the best! :punk:


i`m so happy you`re back with the scripts!

Mika: Well with all this apparently "firing the keyboarder whose name I don't remember" and this new Sunshine boy replacing him and this new singer coming along, I forget who's got fired and who's got hired.



sunshine boy!! :lmao:

i miss luke :tears:

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awww thanks guys :flowers2:


that bondage squirrel is quite scary LMAO!


Oh! I was at my cousin's yesterday and they have these three HUUUUUGE dogs. Anyway they ran outside and started barking up a tree, and my uncle went "what? Is there a squirrel up there, boys?" and I was like "Where?! Where's the squirrel?!" :roftl:


LOL @ Danika. I just had this vision of the narrator being completely silent for three hours...Mika watching TV....the tiniest scratch, thinking he can get away with it...and then this booming voice going..."MIKA IS SCRATCHING HIS NUTS!" :roftl:

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LOL! Thanks :blush-anim-cl:


I think your signature is amazing haha xDDD including that "epic fail" one, which almost made me pee :lmfao:


I just say what everyone's thinking :naughty:


or I just quote Mika :fisch:

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LOL @ Danika. I just had this vision of the narrator being completely silent for three hours...Mika watching TV....the tiniest scratch, thinking he can get away with it...and then this booming voice going..."MIKA IS SCRATCHING HIS NUTS!" :roftl:


Lmao :roftl: Poor Meeks :naughty:

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