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What's your fav Mika pic?


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What a question! It's too difficult, so I'll choose one of my favourites, ok?





wow not seen that pic before, I have to say he looks a tad different in that pic doesn't he (nice though:thumb_yello:)


ok fave Mika pics well until a few days ago this one was my absolute fave




but now I LOVE this one even more!!!:wub2::wub2:




it's that smile & those smoulderingly sexy eyes that do it for me!!

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That's such a hard question!! I have more than 7000 pics and it's REALLY hard for me to choose my favs...because I have like 6o or 70 fav pics :naughty: maybe even more!! But when I do choose (okay not all 70 pics:bleh:) I'll post them up here!:thumb_yello:

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Obrigado pela escolha cazinha, um dia destes faço vos uma vista ao thread brasileiro..costuma ter muita gente?


Atualmente temos 100 usuários registrados, alguns deles bastante ativos! Todos os dias visito o fórum, nem que seja para participar dos tópicos de chat ou entretenimento!:wink2:




Gracekelly85, you've made a cute choice! *-* Loved the pic you posted, haven't seen it yet!:mf_lustslow::wub2:

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