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What should Mika wear for Halloween???


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I searched for a similar thread, but found none...


If there is, mods feel free to delete this one, please...:thumb_yello:


So, I know it's early, 10 days away, but i happen to enjoy Halloween and costumes a lot...:wink2:


And i enjoy making Mika captions even more...:naughty:


So be it...:biggrin2:


Mika as Kermika, the frog...:mf_rosetinted:



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Mika should dress up in his birthday suit for halloween... (I might be dressing up as Amy Winehouse, so who am I for suggestions!) Now I'm not gonna even attempt to demistate how that would look in a edited pic because I'd be probably banned from the MFC or sent to the naughty corner.. :mf_rosetinted:


I hate it when I have sleepless nights... It's not my fault tho..

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