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Hello! I´m from Venezuela! :original:

lets see... I like any kind of music form rock, like metallica, to relaxing music, like enya :aah:

the first song I heard of MIKA was realx, take it easy waaay back in 2007. I thought it was pretty cool :mf_rosetinted: and it became me fav song! even once I listened to it ALL day long (literally) while I made a proyect, then my friends thought I had a problem :aah:

But I didn´t know a thing a bout Mika himself, and I really didn´t care cause normally I don´t like to get into the artist just their work (weird I know)

So I didn´t went :freak::hypo::bow: over Mika himself, until just a couple of months a go when a friend of mine didn´t know which was my fav song:tears:

so I talked to her about MIKA and well, one thing let to another, and I ended up reading alot of stuff about him and little by little I started to see the amizing and funny artist he is :wub2:

so there, that´s my story :aah:

hope to get along well with you guys :fangurl:


(loving the smilies)


PS I´m an anime/manga freak

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