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Well; some of MFC's favorite people are getting behind Kimbra,I thought its time she deserves her own thread on the MFC :biggrin2:


Tweet from Mika's producer, Grey Wells;




Tweet from Perez Hilton (he also posted her on his website)




Tweet about 'Somebody That I Used To Know' from Ashton Kutcher:





Kimbra is from the city next to my home town, Hamilton, in New Zealand. I first saw her when I was 11 years old at the SmokefreeRockquest, in 2004, which she won. She's often compared to Amy Winehouse, Florence and the Machine and Nina Simone.


Here's her new single; "Settle Down"





Here's the song she's done with Gotye. His song 'Somebody that I Used To Know' ft. Kimbra has gone to #1 in the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand. :biggrin2:




And here's another one of her brilliant new songs, "Cameo Lover"




I'm slightly biasted, of course, because I've been following her for so long, but give her songs a listen - even Greg agrees she's amazing :biggrin2::biggrin2:

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KILLER live performance! Honestly, give her a listen and give me your opinion. She's amazing and unique and fresh, much like Mika when he jumped onto the scene.


And a really soulful ballad, I adore this :fangurl:



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I liked "Settle Down" - reminded me a bit of seeing KT Tunstall doing "Black Horse" - but as I said elsewhere, generally not my type of music.:naughty:


I can see she has talent, though.


fair enough :naughty:


yep, she has EONS of talent and uniqueness - i think it would be amazing if Greg hooked her up with Mika, they're both unique enough that they could do a hell of a duet :wub2:


(I know I'm dreaming big here but hey :roftl: )

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