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Le Bikini Toulouse, France - 4 October 2015 : REPORTS/PICS/VIDS


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La Dépêche #5

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Review and Photos from La Dépêche du Midi

5 October 2015




Le concert de Mika, hier au Bikini de Ramonville, a bien failli se transformer en une soirée dansante, sur fond de bande sonore aux petits oignons, tant le public a eu du temps à tuer avant son entrée en scène ! Un Mika qui émerge d’une gloriette dont les battants s’ouvrent pour le laisser passer. Son apparition est précédée d’une succession de voix d’artistes disparus : Oum Kaltsoum, Tino Rossi, Barbara et bien d’autresfantômes…


« No place to Heaven », tel est le titre de son dernier album et celui de sa tournée. « Comme y’a pas de prod pour faire suer, ce soir, plus tard, si vous voulez quelque chose, je le fais », dit-il à la foule compacte (près de 1 500 fans). Avec son dragon brodé dans le dos et ses shoes Louboutin pailletées, Mika grimpe sur le piano, fait chanter à la foule « Big girls you are beautiful ». Bondissant sur son tapis rose, il leur annonce : « Ce soir, je vais faire un truc que j’ai jamais fait : je vais chanter Big boys you are beautiful » (« grands garçons, vous êtes beaux »). Mika introduit quelques morceaux au piano et saute comme un cabri sur le titre « Boum Boum Boum » (en français). Il joue même un bref instant du piano debout comme Elton John. Mika est un garçon plaisant. On lui pardonne tout….


Mika sera en concert au Phare, à Tournefeuille, dimanche 11octobre. Tarif: 41€.


Mika: les grands garçons sont beaux../Photo DDM, Léa Forrat





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I don't have time to write a proper report except it was very good, a very intimate place and a good energy. 
I'm a bit disappointed he didn't sing Promiseland and I don't think he added another song to replace it. 

2 of my videos :

- Good Wife : 

- Underwater : 

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Well, it seems that everybody is lazy on this report!  :wink2:  So let me share my impressions! Living in Toulouse, I could have arrived early, but my family life prevented me for coming too early. So I was at the Bikini around 4 PM, already preceded by LOTS of fans! As you can see on the following picture, I made a banner saying “TOULOUSE loves MIKA”. I had left the letters “TOULOUSE” empty, so that everybody could sign or write a little word for Mika on it. So I spent the queuing time going from one person to the other, explaining my project, which most people seemed to like! When the doors opened around  7PM, I could run inside (and had to give my camera, so no chance to take a good picture inside!) and secure a good place on the 4th row, which was perfect for me. In the meantime, I hang my banner on the 1st balcony, just in front of the stage. You can see the result below.


Now the show! I liked it a lot, even if  I was a bit disappointed that the stage was not big enough to contain the complete scenery. (There were only the door and the HEAVEN sign.) On would say: you cannot have everything! Tonight, we had the intimacy of a small and nice place! I enjoyed it a lot. I guess the setlist was a mess. Many times during the show, Mika asked the audience what song they would like to hear. Of course, the answers were all different, making his choice even more difficult. I was shouting “Rain!” many times, but he seemed (or pretended) not to hear me. So he began with No Place In Heaven and ended with Last Party (+Love Today as encore). In between (sorry, I don’t remember in which order), he sang Big Girl (which he changed to “big boys” at the end, and asked us to sing with him), Good Wife (1st time for me, loved it), Relax, The Origin of Love, Underwater (probably shorter than usual), Talk about You, Good Guys, Happy Ending (with the breath-taking a capella end), Grace Kelly (with the explanation of its creation), Staring at the Sun (French version), Elle me dit (where he taught us how to dance with "elegance"!), J’ai pas Envie, Boum Boum Boum (with the nice butt choreography :wink2: ).As usual, he was playful (trying ice cream glasses or flower necklace that were sent) and had lots of things to tell us! There was among others this story of how he drove from Bordeaux, stopping in nice villages like Lectoure, Fleurance or Luchon, which made him travel 5 hours (instead of 2 normally between Bordeaux and Toulouse) and then he began to tell us that he would dream of having a small house in that region, with 2 beautiful cows, 2 alpagas, 2 chickens (2 of each kind, like in Noah’s arch, he told us!) but then he wouldn’t come out any more and would stop organizing gigs, and then he began to tell us how the cows of the SNCF add were chosen and driven to the shooting place! Crazy guy! I really liked the atmosphere of the show, Mika pretending to improvise (what he also does) but keeping always control on the show and the appreciative audience.


After the show, I took the banner back, in the hope to give it to Mika.(I counted more than 160 signatures on it. I found it sad to keep them for myself!) We didn’t have to wait very long outside. He stayed in the car, but stopped to sign autographs. There were too many people and he surely didn’t have time to lose (singing in Madrid the day after). As he saw the banner, he stopped a second time. He was just in front of me and I was so confused (also not helped by arms coming from everywhere to have a last autograph) that I couldn’t fold the banner properly! Then he told me not to damage it and to bring it back next Sunday… So now I have a kind of appointment with him! :teehee:


BTW Thanks Nina and Nicou for your wonderful pics. I am so happy to have them, as I couldn’t use my camera. Has anyone who was there by any chance

- The beginning of Good Wife? (He did some sign at the moment he saw the banner. I’d like to see it again!)

- Some pics of Mika leaving in the car? (I was so busy holding my banner that I couldn’t take any picture…)


And last but not least, I was happy to spend my time with some of you! I met only nice people, sharing the good energy Mika brings us! :wub: 




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Thank you girls for your pictures, Nina and Nicou! They are great! :thumb_yello: and will let us dream during a long time about this fabulous show! :wub: Thank you Claire for sharing in your report your thoughts , your feelings and your memories! :) Creating this banner to welcome Mika in Toulouse and sharing your project with all the fans here was a generous and smart idea! :thumb_yello: It was good seing you again and knowing that they are a lot of good people among Mika's fans! :) And now, as you said, you've got this appointment with him, so you would better be there! ;)!! I hope you'll be succesfull giving him the banner this sunday! :)

I enjoyed very much the show and the atmosphere inside the Bikini that night!The venue was very intimate, so it was heaven for me, even if the new scenery was missing. But, I'm afread this show will be the only one for me in the Heaven tour! So sad, and angry against myself!How did I manage that?!!Stupid woman!!! Knowing he'll be so close to home next sunday, and l have lost my chance to see him one more time!! Knowing that he recently had to cancel 2 shows and thinking about it, makes me see even more how precious these moments with him on stage are! :yes: 

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