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Hello from Indonesia :)


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Hi all!

My name is Rully, I am 23 years-old girl from Indonesia. :)

The funny (or sad?) thing about me is I often (if not always) have a different taste in music, books, movies, etc. from my friends, making it difficult for me to share what I was thinking. I got a lot of friends with same interests by joining the fan club like this. So let's be friend. I know you MFC fellow are very nice. :wink2: :wink2: :wink2:

Well, how did I discover Mika? :mikalove: <-- I love this smiley btw :teehee:

Having only heard and seen "Grace Kelly" on MTV (around 2007), I took a chance and purchased Life In Cartoon Motion. By the way, I don't purchase many CDs, so for me to buy one means that I really like that song/artist. Once I start listening to LICM, I can't stop! Lollipop is one of my all time favorite songs ever. So sugary and poppy it almost rots my teeth threw the stereo. :D

And now I still don't have my physical CD of No Place In Heaven yet. I couldn't find it here in Jakarta. :annoyed_h4h:

I think that's for now. I'm sorry for my grammatical error. I hate to learn tenses back in school. lol




Cheers! :cheer:

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Welcome to the MFC and have a lot of fun here. It´s the right place to find many friends :wink2:

Hi, welcome and enjoy MFC :wink2:

Welcome!  It's very easy to make friends here. :) 



Thanks for welcoming me. :):wink2:


Hi and welcome to the MFC :bye:


I expect you will have to order NPIH from another country

Yeah, I'm afraid so. I want to hold the booklet soon, the artwork must be remarkable. :fangurl:

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