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Hey everybody,


I've been told that the way we have our login set now poses a security issue and that we should change it. I wanted to give you a warning before I made the changes.


Currently, when you login, you can use either your display name (for me that would "dcdeb") or your email address, plus your password. Apparently allowing the use of display names is the problem. According to the warning issued by our Tech Support people, "display names are public information and malicious users may attempt to login to multiple accounts with common passwords until they find an account for which the passwords work." I've been told that I should change the  process so that you can only login with your email address plus your password.


I'll make the change over the weekend, so that starting Monday, if you need to log in, you will only be able to by using your email address plus your password.


Any questions? Feel free to ask me here!

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