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Things that people have said.


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So I don't know if it's too early to do this but I was thinking that maybe you could write all sorts of things that your parents, friends....have said about Mika here, I've seen this thread in other forums and it's pretty fun. :wink2:

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My Dad keeps saying 'That Mike-a song is on on again.'


In Guides we were trying to choose music for our masked Vennicen ball. We're only a small group but we can never agree on anything.

Someone said 'We could have that Italian guy who sings Grace Kelly.' I quickly pointed out he's Leabonnese, but we should still play his album.

'Or we could have Pavarotti.'

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After showing my mum Mika's pics she said "Haha, this guy is wearing your blowse" You know, this orange-pink striped blowse:naughty:...Reminds me that I could wear it tomorrow at school:bleh: And one day mum said "Oh god, aren't you already tired of listening Mika all day long" "Never" I said:roftl:

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Before Mika went in the charts I tried to get my friends to listen to him and the were like errr no. And they thought I was wierd. Now he's in the charts they were like, it's growing on me. Result!!!!


And my dad just said ' i liked grace kelly, because it was original, and didn't sound like all the other songs that are in the charts'


Then I made him listen to, Billy brown, Relax and Love Today, And he just said ' Now there all starting to sound the same'



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lol! But they're nothing like each other :naughty:


Apparently Grace Kelly is growing on my friend too. Which I found funny "like a rash" she said :blink: except rashes don't really "grow" and surely a rash is a bad thing? :blink::naughty:


and dad


Me "do you like it then?"


Dad- "hmm"


Me- "I'll be playing the album lots when I get it you know so you have to get used to it " *cheeky grin*


Dad- *frightened face*


I don't think he likes him :( mom does tho... and I think fancies him a bit :naughty: if I show her a pic she says "ooo are there any more?" lol


I don't mind of course, could look at pics of him all day :blush-anim-cl:

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My 4 year old son's only comment (on Grace Kelly) so far:

"Mummy, do you have to watch that video again, you've seen it hundreds of times".

In my defence, I have probably only watched it about 50 or 60 times and my daughter loves it too!:cheerful_h4h:

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Ha ha thats like me and my cousin, only for the scissor sisters because they have been out longer, so she has gotten used to the songs. She's 8 and she knows i dont feel like dancing of by heart, and most of she's my man, my grandma and my mother dont really thank me for it, when were both singing along in the car.


she's my man and we have all the balls we need :roftl:


Now im going to do it with MIKA only his songs aren't as filthy so I suppose it's okay :wink2:

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I don't think my family get him. I won't tell you what my brother in law said after seeing him on the Culture Show, my sister isn't quite sure, my niece still doesn't have a clue who I'm talking about (although she is a huge Scissor Sisters fan so there is hope), my eldest nephew thought his performance on the Culture Show could have been better and my middle nephews girlfriend finds Grace Kelly a little high for her to sing along to.

I nearly got into a blazing row with my brother in law over what he said, but I had to go out on a late delivery, so when I got back we had both calmed down and agreed to disagree.

My friends, again no clue, but I have the Culture Show on tape for them to watch so fingers crossed.

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My best friend at school today:


I could be brown, I could be blue I could be lalalala I could be lala I could be lala I could be lalalala, gotta be la gotta be la gotta be lalalala. Why don't you like me, why don't you like me? Why don't you walk out the door!


Then she looked at me and said:

" WHAT??!! It got stuck in my head in the morning "

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^ a b "Triumph of a tortured soul", The Times, 2007-01-05.

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^ "Brit pop star won't say which way he swings", Pink News, 2007-01-24.

Mika is also the pet dog on the Taresea and Mika set including Barbie

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A lot of my friends have said that Mika isn't that great. My mom said that she might have to download the cd on to her Ipod once I got it cause she thought he sounded amazing, which of course he does!! The people who I don't talk to don't have any idea who he is...but that's ok then they wont OVERPLAYhim on the radio or MTV!!

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A conversation with my mom:


Mom: Hey, when you get that Mika's album, I'm gonna have to buy it from you.

Me: No way, I'm not selling.

Mom: I'll give you a lot of money for it.

Me: No! I'm not selling!

Mom: You're crazy. But you will let me listen to it sometimes?

Me: No!

Mom: Why not?

Me: Just because.

Mom: But I'm your mom!

Me: So?

Mom: You love me!

Me: So?

Mom: I'm gonna listen to it anyways, I don't care if you let me or not.

Me: No! I'm gonna hide it.

Mom: No, Don't do that.

Me: I will, haha.

Mom: You're crazy.

Me: I know.

Mom: Please let me listen to it!

Me: Okay, but just once.

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My brothers too "cool "to like Mika (although I know he loves Grace Kelly I've heard him listening to it in his room :))


My sister loves him so do all of my little brothers. My mum likes Grace Kelly but doesn't like any of the others really and she says he's a bit odd :o


But now she's worrying because I'm on here alot and the computer backround is Mika and I've been listening to is songs non-stop for days,I keep talking about him giving her random facts that I've found out,I have a fangirly attack whenever it comes on the tv as if I haven't seen the vid before and showing her loads of pictures...yeah she's worried :D

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I put lollipop on my phone the other day and I went into school with it on, and I was sat in my friends form room, and this lad walked in and he said what's that so I said oh it's MIKA and then he started dancing to it which made me laugh, and now he keeps calling me 'strange music girl' but i know he likes it otherwise he wouldn't have danced to it so nyahhhh.




I told someone else in my maths class to get some MIKA downloaded, he said he already had grace kelly and he liked it, and the next day he said: 'I downloaded a MIKA song' so I said 'Oh yeh which one' so he said 'billy something' so I said ' BILLY BROWN!!! Its good isnt it?? :naughty: ' To which he said 'it's wierd'




and I have converted my friend, she now has 5 songs on her mp3 all by MIKA woohoooooooo.


I need to convert more people :wink2:

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I have an update on one family member, my middle nephew has now heard the CD all the way through, and thinks it is quite good, although he thinks Grace Kelly is a bit boring (that was until he heard me singing along to it, and now thinks I'm clinically insane:roftl: ).

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Good looking version of Kermal from big brother(although Kermal wasnt bad looking)(other half)


My two boys make up their own lyrics and then argue who's right...


.walk out the door

.............the floor

.............the ploor


I can be brown

i can be poo



they love him. I am using him as a role model to encourage them to sing and play music! Requires much whatching and listening to Mika!!


Mummy is he famous, do you mean like Robbie Williams? I had to say yes for simplicity sake?


He has got two faces(BBC2 seesion on tele , his reflection was in piano).

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