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UPDATED: Newcastle Meet Up - 24th February 2007


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Hannah .. club 2???? , we are meeting in the crows nest :bleh: , from Newcastle Metro its within eye shot . literally 2 mins walk! , used to be a rokin aussy bar , not sure now , the uni said it was good :thumb_yello:


haha :blush-anim-cl: ok so what is club 2?! or am i making that up?! i know we're meeting at crows nest, but sure i've read about club 2?!! or maybe not haha:blush-anim-cl: oh dear!!


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so (metal bottomed)dancing shoes, falling down pants, vodka creme eggs and lollipops at the crows nest, followed by gig then cococaban!:thumb_yello:


It's goona be one hellava night.:punk:


Anyone else care to join????


lv,andi xxx

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