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What are you supposed to be doing?

Mika Mad

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I'm ok. Just a bit disappointed. :thumbdown:Although it isn't the nicest thing to be home alone and get messages containing words like "Forest, window, dark, count to hundred and I'll too":shocked: Guess no sleeping for me, at least for some hours. but I have a good book(hopefully):wink2:

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well it will be kind of rubbish cos im not a propper german!!

well could u tell me the sentence and i will translate!

it hard to translate word y word. its german.i think thats the hardest language in the world.

i would be happy if i can help u!

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I'm getting very confused by this thread, but I just hope that you're ok Nicole.

Think of Mika when you go to bed and have happy dreams.

I hope that you sleep well tonight.



Thanks:wink2: 5 hours of good sleep. Almost every day, except the weekends.(then it's 12hours) I just have so little time for sleeping:boxed:

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You are a very talented teenager, Nicole!


I was thinking, who do we know that is:


1. Clever

2. Funny

3. Gorgeous

4. Fluent in several languages

5. Much younger than you'd think



No, it's you Nicole!!!!


If Mika was a girl, he'd be you!!

Can you sing as well? :naughty:

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