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Photos of Mika on Flickr


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I found lots of photos of Mika from various people (some pro photographers) on Flickr.. but because of copyright etc... I have restrained from 'right click' and 'save picture as' in case I get into trouble :blink:


Here are the links however - there are some great pics!






Mika live in London February 2006





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All of those pictures are simply beautiful!

I could stare at such good quality all day.

I'll have to save those pics for my personal collection later because I'm feelin kinda lazy now...but anway..


Keep looking around for more (because I'm lazy :naughty: )

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In some pictures and videos, he is almost unbearably beautiful I think. Especially the eyes,


:wub2: I'd never seen that before, he really is beautiful! I think its the eyes. Great smile as well. Those pics posted earlier are really good quality - t4p!!!

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thanks sooo much for these pictures, mika is absolutely gorgeous - and what's more he has loads of charism !


for exemple during the london paper interview, he seems really natural, but then at the end ("he hasn't invited me for tea") he looks at the camera. It shows that in fact he hadn't forgotten at all that he was being filmed during the interview - and still, he was so very natural !!


that's charism I guess ... :mf_lustslow: :mf_lustslow: :mf_lustslow:

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I love how the intensity of his accent kind of comes and goes


Because I myself ain't English, I don't hear the accent. Is it really there? For some reason when I listen to the interviews I understand Mika much more than the interviewers. They speak soooo quickly.

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The one called Mika at Universal is fantastic. I couldn't help but add it to my personal collection. :D


Hey keep your eyes off that jumper it`s mine!!

If you go into flickr and search you also find photos of Yasmine and Paloma-sorry have`nt got link as friend sent me just the photos.

Extremely pretty girls so probably the whole family are part of the "Gods beautiful people club"


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