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My Barfly pics


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Well we got to Barfly which was a little scary as I haven't been to a concert before or anywhere like that but anyway apart from the floors in the loos being a bit sticky it was a nice little place.


We went to get a drink, and they had some merchendise and mom bought me one of the little rosette things. Just as we were paying for it and the drinks, the support act came on so we did lots of shouting over the bar as it was rather loud hehe.


We had our drinks and realised if we stayed where we were we couldn't see so we went up the stairs at the side but we felt a bit "out of it" up there and got chucked off before it started anyway.


Sooo we climbed under a girder thing and squished in the corner at the side nearish the front (by his mom, I think)


He came on about 9.15, to much screaming and waving of adoring arms. By now I was in a corner half balancing on a ledge and being sat on almost by someone. There are girder things all round the place so I ended up sat on one of those a bit to see better tho I did get me bum squashed by it some what lol.


Here's a view from the top of the stairs before we moved with a novely arrow pointing to where we stood.




annyway, he started with "Relax" and then did about 10 songs, all of which were amazing. I sung every word, jumped up and down, waved, clapped and screamed a lot. Is amazing to be in a place with 400 or so fans who are all singing along, and he's a fab performer live.


I swear he looked at me too :wub2:


Here be pics.


Amusing pic of me before it started




When he first came on stage




Bit of a dodgy pic but I like it hehe




This is about the best one I got




More pics














and a few vids, I've still got some more to upload. They've got a bit dodgy and out of time on photobucket tho I think.


Coming on stage and some of Relax




Some of Love Today






some of My Interpretation




some of Big Girl




Still got a couple more to upload. I'm a bit obsessive about pics and vids of things, I have to stop myself so I'm not watching the whole thing hrough my camera lol


Hope you like them. Was the most amazing night of my life. Indescribebly good (and I can't spell lol) we bought some Carling Academy tickets off ebay the next morning :blush-anim-cl:

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Wow! It was a fabulous night I'm sure. I think Mika's just amazing. How come you didn't pass out of happiness:naughty: I would have:naughty: Ooh, all you people talking about his concerts make me wanna go too!:shocked: I WANT TOOOO!:sad:

You lucky girl:wink2:

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Just got back home from Brum - spent the weekend at my sister's! Loved the gig. Have some piccies to post - will sort them out and let you see them later.


Chloe - I can see myself in your picture of the crowd :blush-anim-cl: ... will add a big arrow and post later! You have some fab pics.


Strudel - is that Mika I can hear singing ... or is it you? :wink2: Great vid though. I have a few video clips but my stupid camera will only take 20 second clips :crash:


More later ...

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hehe, I was a bit worried about posting it incase people could be recognised and they didn't want to be :blush-anim-cl:


Love the Billy Brown vid. I have a couple of vids and a pic of him when he was at the key board but I didn't do many as I was at the side and it involved lying along my girder and holding my camera up at a silly angle :naughty:

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chloe, that must have been an AWESOME night! glad to see you had a good time. :thumb_yello:


great idea that you posted this; sort of got me to relive some of it! i'm going to mika's toronto concert in march and plan on having a great time, too. :punk:



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It was wonderful :D you'll have a brilliant time! I've driven everyone mad today at school talking about it :blink: was fab :thumb_yello:


same here...but i haven't even gone to his gig yet.. :blink:

lol, every time the topic of mika comes up, my friend's usually roll their eyes and say, "not agaaaaiinnn!" :roftl: but hey, how can we not rave about him?! it's the mika instinct :bleh:


but how many songs did he do, tho? i hope it wasn't too short.

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