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duhh everyone says he's hot and i agree. but what's he really like?? does anyone know? if you do, tell us about him!


I was talking to one of his old session musicians from miami [he actually plays the drums on love today on LICM] And apparently he is extremely nice. And really good to work with, hes really talented! Well thats what Derek says [look on the artists section of the LICM sleeve and youll see him credited under Love Today]

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I wonder if mika has a dark side ... :blink:


In an interview a journalist asked him if he had done bad things in his life, and mika answered : i won't tell you, if you want to know I wont facilitate your task !!


That made me laugh ^___^



I'm sure mika is in a bad mood when he wakes up ! That could definitely be a dark side of him :biggrin2: !!

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I'm nearly certain that's what they call suspenders in Britian. LOL, it really confused me at first, but i kinda deduced thats what it must mean cause his teeth look pretty and metal free to me :D


We call them braces. XD.

Im gonna get some soon. :D I dont know what colour though. Hmm

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