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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

(1) FREDDIESDOUBLE :winner_first_h4h:

Ultimate Mika Guru

Gender 1,820


(2) nicole :winner_second_h4h:

Ultimate Mika Guru

Gender 1,356


(3) Beckar :winner_third_h4h:

Ultimate Mika Fan

Gender 895


(4) Ocean_Fairy

Ultimate Mika Fan

Gender 693


(5) xMariax

Ultimate Mika Fan

Gender 552


(6) jengafer

Ultimate Mika Fan

Gender 533


(7) tantastic

Ultimate Mika Fan 429


(8) Cautionary Wife

Mika Moderator

Gender 406


(9) jemmalee

Ultimate Mika Fan

Gender 399


(10) angelic_mischieflic

Ultimate Mika Fan

Gender 396


(11) Sunny Monkey :happybday:


Gender 390


(12) guinchogirl

Super Moderator

Gender 370


(13) Kata

Ultimate Mika Fan

Gender 326


(14) Strudel

Mika Obsessive

Gender 279


(15) raha!

Mika Obsessive

Gender 274


(16) carrinevie

Mika Obsessive

Gender 264


(17) Mika Mad

Mika Obsessive

Gender 256


(18) Fillip

Mika Obsessive

Gender 252


(19) babspanky

Mika Obsessive

Gender 249


(20) meimei88

Mika Obsessive

Gender 210

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just checked the list...


Wow, i'm actually right at the bottom of the Sweet utterly nutty naughty mysterious ostentatious niggly knowledgeable energetic yardthreadobserving official list, I'm soooooooooooooooooooo thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey, my midnight mad wordseaching fun has been (briefly?) adopted by Sunny- another honour!!thanks, guys

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of course it's quality, that's why I have only just made the bottom.....


Noone can ever reach Freddy, our guru, he's so lonesome up on top..but it's good to have someone like him with his DRY COMMENTS, he makes me laugh

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Ooooooooooh, I'm so proud to be number 17!!! :thumb_yello:

-But unless I devote half my life to posting, I'll soon slip out of the top 20. :shocked:

I'm already finding that reading other posts takes so much time that I have a lot less time for replying!

I think that I have squashed the rest of my things to do into the minimum amount of time possible already, so I can't increase my time here!!!


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Yeh work , rest , play , everything ! , life is peachy :wink2:

How what your walk down the beach? Its been so sunny today :D and still not many clouds. The sky was a luuush blue and there was like no clouds in the Sky earlier x3

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