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music gloc interview


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Hope you haven`t seen this before


it includes snippets like fav designer-Walter van Bierendonck (really wacky gorgeous clothes) wonder if this is where he gets his trousers from?

Mika should be a model for him as he is better looking than the ones used.

Enjoy again if seen before.


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He's afraid of water like me! Yes yes yes, I thought I was a loner on that fear.:blush-anim-cl:


Same here im terrified!!! The Beth Ditto bit got me smiling too hes soo funny! :roftl: I think thats why alot of us are so crazy about him... i know i am :mf_lustslow:

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Sunshine In The Rain!!!!

I so known the song!!! And know the band! Yay! This made me smiling!


And the thing he said about Beth Ditto was very nice!


Thanksie for posting!!

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I love sea water abroad but hate pool water:blink:


really? :blink: for me it's exactly the other way round! i'm not too keen on deep water. as long as i can stand and see the ground, pools, lakes or ocean are alright with me... but i hate swimming in lakes where i can't see the ground, and i never swim in the ocean, i only go where i can stand! i love lying on the beach and seeing the ocean, but for swimming i prefer the hotel pool! :wink2:


great interview! :original:


oh, and i also love fries with mayo, it's just for health and figure reasons that i usually take ketchup. :wink2:

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