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Help A Big Time Mika Fan!!!


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I'm still @ skool(:sneaky2: ) and there's going 2 be a musical competition(:thumb_yello::naughty::biggrin2:) , i'm, of course, going 2 sing one of :thumb_yello: Mika's:thumb_yello: songs and who could I better ask then Mika fans!

I just have 1 problem, dunno wich one to chose, so if u would like 2 help me choose, I'd appreciate big time,




unfortunatly I can't get as high as Mika can so please consider that 4 u're answer, although I'd love 2 be able to get as high as Mika.

one more thanxxx,

can't wait 4 results!!!

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oh good luck!!!! :thumb_yello: a hard choice, if it was me id sing grace kelly!! i wouldnt sing it very well thou as i have the worse voice in the world!!!! but mayb stick to my interpretation as mayb the easiest to sing but i kill all of them!!!

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Im still for the Big Girl (You're Beautiful)!!

It's so great song! I love the beat!

Or then just pick some song with high notes!

You can sing it if u want to!!! :thumb_yello:


I couldn't sing as high as Mika the first days I had found out his music and tried to sing along...

Today I can sing every song of the album with confidence...

Yeah, Im not sure if you would like it but at least Im having fun! :bleh:

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Well, Mika himself said in an interview: When you're crazy enough you also can sing those high notes!!:wink2: So, go for Grace Kelly!

I bet then you will always be remembered... (in a good way!!)


Otherwise I would go for my interpretation or any other world... that's really a song with low notes...

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