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Has this eva happened to you....?


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Guys im sooooo in looooove with MIKA now...


I was taking to my friend on MSN and she has a bf called 'mike' everytime i reffered to 'mike' i kept putting 'mika' down

lol it was soo funny

my friend was soooo confused she was like 'mikaaa'???

I was like ohh sorry and wen i tried to correct my mistake i spelt mike as mika agen! lol

In the end i gave up.

I cudnt put 'mike' down, it kept coming up with 'mika' lol

She was like woooaaaaah! you are soooo in love with him arent you! lol i was like yes and im going CRAZY" lol


Do things like that happen to you...?

Do comment..:D

Love you all...xxxx

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I usually get when I hear like any word that refers to one of his songs I just sing it. Like today in art my teacher wanted me to do an 'interpretation' about a poem, and guess what I was singing in my head? Also Love Today came on the radio but the volume was so low (:() and my teacher was talking to me I completely ignored my teacher, was to busy making my brain dance in my head.

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All of your stories are hilarious! :roftl:

For me when ever I hear something related to Mika (one of his songs, lyrics, etc.) I get all hyped up.

For example I was talking to my friend and she happend to say "love".

I instantly thought of Love Today and was holding back the,

Doom da da di da di

Doom da da di da di.

Let me tell you....it was hard trying not to start singing.


Oh and on the radio station I listen to, before a song comes on it usually says "Fresh new music....from..."

and I always say Mika out loud. Hoping Mika will be on the radio again.



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Not anything like that,

but I do have a problem...


The name "Mika" happens to be a very ordinary male's name in here...

So I hear it a lot! Still every time I hear it Im like: "Where!!??" "Whattt!?"

Or at least Im having these arouses!


There's even Mika in my msn... :blink:

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my computer finds it automatically, I just press google and it is programmed to find anything to do with mia...when others use it, they give me strange looks, saying 'there is something ,playing up big time...' if only they knew....

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:roftl: loved reading all these posts in this thread.. but ya.. I can't seem to stop talking about him around the house.. anything I go to talk about to my sisters I start bringing up random stuff about Mika. My sisters think I'm a freak and that I'm crushing on Mika :wub2::roftl:
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I have a friend on another website whose nickname is 'Mika' and before the curly-haired-singing-sensation-Mika appeared I never thought twice about it. Now I stare at her name on screen and I'm like 'But...you're not THE Mika are you?'


I feel totally confused by it now...and somewhat robbed that it's not the curly-haired-singing-sensation-Mika on the other end of the internet, lol. She thinks I'm crazy...I think I am too.


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yeppers, can relate! my friend is lebanese, and that never stood out to me before, but now all i connect that to is mika! i even asked him if he'd ever been to a lebanese restaurant with 10-hour 10 course meals (mika mentioned that in an interview once...:roftl:)


and i also have an urge to type "mikafanclub.com" into all url windows as soon as i log onto the net. sort of like 2nd nature now...:bleh:

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Sadly, I recognise this syndrome...

Apparantely I have been heard to say "Mika" under my breath to myself when walking around the house and I don't even know I've done it.

I think my husband will sooon leave me.



Thought I was only suffering from this syndrome, but it is infectious, just like Mika`s songs. I listen to them in the morning and keep murmuring all day long at work.

Love love ME, love love ME

Am afraid my husband is getting concerned...

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Yup, sounds like me!:naughty:

I'm constantly singing something off the album, and every time they mention him on the radio, I sort of jump. I've got so many weird looks at school....


And for some reason my Mum never seems really interested in all these random facts about Mika I find... oh well, doesn't stop me!:roftl:


At least Mum and my best mate like Mika's music. That's something! Even tho my mate asked me in complete seriousness if Mika's real name was Humphrey Smith after listening to Grace Kelly a few times!!!:roftl: I'm sorry hunny, but I couldn't keep a straight face!

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