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A HUGE thank you to all that have donated!

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I just wanted to give another personal huge thank you to all of you that have felt this place is worth enough to you to donate and help keep things running.


We had a few blips of down time last week which seem to have no been resolved and I am looking to get more equipment to help future proof things further. As usual its a game of costs, but who cares, I do it for you lot!


So, all the time you enjoy I will continue to put money up. But don't just thank me, take time to thank those that have donated so that you can keep using this place as your second home.


You can see most the donators and donate yourself here:



And there are no rules on only donating once ;) lol


Thanks again!


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THANK YOU! If it weren't for you Sunny, we wouldn't be so obsessed to the point that we erm...well...get kicked out of the house (but that's a whole other story, lol)


Thanks for putting so much time and effort into this, we realllllly appreciate it; we really, really appreciate it! :original:

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aw sm you're the man. or should i say monkey?

yes its awesome isn't it, how such thoughts can help out such a huge cause?

thank you all! :punk:


i always did wonder what went through your mind when you started up this whole project. it's skyrocketed mika-sky-high now, that's for sure!



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:band::groupwave::serenade: thanks so much for all your hard work with our little big home...


it is so very comfy and you set it up for us


to build and expand upon, without your continued efforts


we couldn't be here and .....nor could Mika....


three cheers for Sunny!!!:punk: hip hip horray, hip hip horray hip hip horray!!!!:punk:

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hey sunny :) *big hugs* :wub2:


because of this forum some dreams came true for me!


ill def donate when i start working ok? so make sure this place is running tll than! lol


love ya!


u all can help me by sending me clients that need websites k??? ;)

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A real big hug for you, Sonny....:huglove: and for all the ones who have donated...:wub2:

Thanks for really building a second home...


Sadly enough I can't donate with Paypall (or how is that called??) so is there another way?? If there is, please let me know...


So once again for all the donaters (if thats a word:wink2: ) and especially for Sonny:


Thank you!!:thumb_yello: :thumb_yello:

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Oh, and have just been through recent donations to try and make sure I have put the 'i donate' graphic next to everyones name. If I missed anyone out, send me a PM with your paypal email and I will check that you donated and add the icon next to your name for you. :)

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