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Howdy from Texas


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Hi everyone! I'm new to the board and just wanted to say hi.

I am totally in love with Mika. My husband of 7 years is starting to get jealous. Not that I'd have a shot in hell with Mika, but a girl can dream, right?


When I heard he would be at SXSW I nearly dropped everything and drove 3 hrs to see him. Tickets to SXSW are soooo expensive and with a 2 yr. old it was unthinkable but I hope he'll come back to Texas soon! I'd like to see him in person and get the full Mika experience.


I'm campaigning for here in my hometown, Houston, TX to get him on the radio so I keep requesting him. I've got my friends and family hooked including my 2 yr. old son. He LOVES "Lollipop" and jams out to it in the car and sings SAY LOVE SAY LOVE to the top of his lungs.


We are diehard fans!

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Yayyy, I'm also from Houston! I drove those 3 hours to Austin for SXSW :D It's a shame that there's no Mika action in Houston, no? I'm all for the campaigning to the radio stations :) Welcome to the MFC!


No kidding! I haven't heard Mika on the radio at all-- just a couple TV commercial spots and that's it.

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