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Mika In Nylon Magazine


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Clicky here for a blog entry on Nylon's myspace about Mika's concert at Grammercy Park Theatre.

Here it is anyway:




Friday, March 30, 2007

MIKA’S the mannnnnnnnnnn!


Are you feeling down waiting for the sunshine summer months to come? Need a little color in your life? Are you looking for someone sweet, fun, unpretentious, undeniably cool? Someone who seems like they don't give a **** about who's who or what's in… a.k.a. someone who is bringing genuine back, that will take your mind off of unnecessary drama, and just wants to have fun with life? As unhopeful and unlikely as it seems… don't fret… someone who fits this description ACTUALLY exists in this world. His name? MIKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Last night at the Grammercy Park Theatre, filled with a happy crowd and circus like balloon-filled atmosphere, Mika spread his love and rocked his and everybody else's socks/suspenders off by simply just doing his thing. The loveable up and coming Briitsh pop artsy musician, who recently has appeared in NYLON, sang and danced the night away to everybody from his family, to music big man Tommy Mattola, to number one fan Perez Hilton, to his loving loyal fans (aka me and my friends!). Mika could be described as a rare musician these days, pulling pop off in an artistic and meaningful way… and not to mention, the only person who could pull off customized colorful Cheap Monday jeans, made by his equally creative sister who does all of Mika's album art work, clad with suspenders that are part of his amazing hip swinging dance moves. I mean what other celebrity has only been bowed down to by the harsh but humorous celebrity gossip king Perez Hilton? Check out some pics from Mika's after party below… but beware, Mika is known to unintentionally break some hearts. But take some advice from the singer himself, "Relax Take it Easy" and Live your life in cartoon motion (whatever the means to you)!!!









NYLON'S Tracy, MIKA, and MIKA fan Kate.





...and the rest of the pictures are of Perez.




I really want to see the issue of the magazine with him it in! Anyone subscribed?




P.S. - I've only gotten about 8 people (previously oblivious of Mika-magic) into buying the album, but it's such a great feeling spreading the love! One of them has Grace Kelly as their ringtone and it makes me smile ear-to-ear when plays. It's a different feeling hearing it somewhere other than my mp3 player/computer. :roftl: Ok, I'm a crazy.

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