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hello from Ilaria!!*


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Hi everyone!!!


my name is Ilaria and I come from Italy! I first heard about Mika few months ago on the radio, when he was not so famous yet. I immediately fell in love with his music and obviously with his wonderful voice!! ^^ Yesterday I went to his concert in Milano and believe me... it was simply AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Now I just can't have enough of him! ...so I decided to join this forum!! I heard about this fanclub from Robertina who I met at the concert!

Thank you all!!! I'm so happy to be here!



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hello-o! saw an italian name and figured out it may be smt re. to last night gig! he was amazing, wasn't he? I'm still over the moon! I was the white tee-red hair girl in the front row, the noisy one :blush-anim-cl:


it was all a dream! ;)


welcome to the forum!

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