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Hello from Israel


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Hello Mika Fans,

My name is Michal ( Mici in short), i've been a fan of this wonderful singer for a while now thanks to a good friend of mine ( Avoca i'm talking about you :biggrin2: ).

I can't stop listening to his lovely album, right now i'm listening to Happy Endings which is probably my favorite song in the album and already managed to make my sister and neice fans LOL.

I'm very happy to have find this place and ready to meet more fans.




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hi mici!

my family's from Israel!

i wasn't born there, my mum moved, like mika, during the golf war (lol I've just realized that bit)

MikaFanClub is obviously the best place around, have fun!


Hi there, where is your family from in Israel? i'm from Tiberias in north of Israel. :)

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