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Mika - 2 Interviews...


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First one In French but still worth a watch...the interviewer sings that high bit in Love Today...where he goes .."I've been crying for so looooong..." yea...You know the one...:naughty: and his reaction is soo funny when she sings that bit....


Worth watching...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcB7givRRR4


and the other one is when he gets asked these Q&A's in english this time...


See how he dodges the....ok just watch LOL funny interview.. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1cdIE3VEz0

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Translation for the french interview....


How are you?


Mika: Great, and you? (He says "vous in French, it's "you" but more polite)


Yeah! Is it your first time in Montreal?


Mika: Or maybe "tu" (you, but more friendly version), can I say "tu"? It's easier.


Yes! Is it your first time in Montreal?


Mika: Yeah, it's my first time.


And so far how do you think it is?


Mika: It's really great!


We're gonna talk about influences, because obviously when someone's new...


Mika: Influences! There we go! Tell me!


No, no, no! I'll just tell you names, and you just answer "yes" or "no" it's gonna be very easy!



Mika: No.




Mika: No...Wham?!




Mika: No...


The Bee Gees?


Mika: Not much.




Mika: A little; I like their songs.


The Scissor Sisters?


Mika: Oh yeah, I like it, it's good. It's not a huge influence, but there are a lot of similarities between us.


There's a lot of speculation over your sexual orientation. Are you surprised?


Mika: Very surprised! I'm very surprised that in 2007, this can be something over which everyone is fighting just to know about it...It's a bit too much.


When did you know you could sing like this [falsetto]?


Mika: Hmm...I don't know, it was an accident.


You were messing around and..


Mika: Sorry?


You were messing around and then you realized you could sing that high?


Mika: No, one day, I went to see my friends in a bar, and I started talking like this (does a high pitched voice), and I discovered I had another voice, no, I'm kidding...I don't know! I..I...I don't know, honestly, I don't know, it was completely an accident.


Well, thank you very much! I wish you the best luck.


Mika: Thanks to you too!


Courtsey of Mika obsessed

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