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Mika @ Studio A in Miami, Florida


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Worth bumping!


Can't wait until these stories and pix start coming in! Of course... we have

Atlanta first, don't we? :wink2:




yep! waiting in that thread to! still nothing... i think ill go to sleep now ;)

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ooo yaay! Have a completely amazingly mindbottling and fantastic and awesome time you guys!!! Is that all of the MFCers going? well, you guys that are going, pump up the crowd and get em excited even more!!! Hope you guys meet him and have a perfect time! Have fun!!! Awww man, the last US show.....


well, he'll be back soon....


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No reports yet? I've been having trouble connecting to the internet and when I finally do I anxiously rush here to find... nothing?




hope there's something in the morning!



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Aha! Here's the problem! Follow the link for audio clips!





Posted on Mon, Jun. 18, 2007


Mercury retrograde -- that cosmic phenomenon causing communications...




Mercury retrograde -- that cosmic phenomenon causing communications, appointments and travel to go into a general screw-you mode -- was in full flower Sunday evening for Mika's first American headlining tour at downtown Miami's Studio A.


Mika, the Beirut-born, British citizen, has had all of Europe singing his Queen-sized hit Grace Kelly but hundreds of Miami fans would have to wait a good two hours past the scheduled show time to sing along to the newcomer's bouncy, catchy tune.


That's because the skies opened up Sunday afternoon, stalling his plane on the runway for a couple hours at Miami International Airport, Mika's manager Jerry Blair said, adding that when the crew finally arrived at Studio A the club, still in disarray from the night before, was not prepared for a concert.


Among the more pressing problems: a malfunctioning sound monitor board had to be replaced.


Mercury retrograde wasn't done with Mika once he finally hit the stage to the prerecorded strains of Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 at about 11 p.m. after an interminible opening set of soundalike piano-pop songs from Sara Bareilles.


But at least the next round of cosmic jokes at his expense went undetected by the all-ages crowd of 600 or so filling the club for this sold-out show.


Mika, an energetic, photogenic frontman in the mold of the late and great Freddie Mercury and Michael Hutchence, reflected on his performance in a tiny backstage area post-concert. ''I stepped through the stage,'' the drenched singer said, laughing, then, pointing to the front of his blue stretch pants, revealed a pin holding his fly in place. ``Broke my zipper!''


Of course, it wouldn't be Mika if he didn't have obstacles to overcome. After all, one of the night's more amusing -- and revealing -- moments came following a zealous audience sing-a-long to his Beatlesque Billy Brown, a ditty about a married fellow who falls in love with a man.


'My record company said, `You can't release that in the United States.' This is our eighth date in the United States and every night everyone sings it right back at us,'' Mika said from the stage to an audience who did precisely that.


Fan favorite Grace Kelly also deals with Mika's struggles with music industry executives who wouldn't sign him to a recording deal unless he homogenized his sound to fit in with other stars.


It just goes to show how shortsighted and clueless corporate America is concerning pop music and the large youthful audience they are under serving. Here is a gifted artist whose songs have yet to dent American mainstream radio playlists and yet his fans, many of them teens, patiently lined the block outside the venue and seemed to know all the words to nearly every song on Mika's CD, Life in Cartoon Motion, and joyously proved it throughout his entertaining, hour-long set. Meantime, their parents, who also jostled for space around the bars of Studio A, certainly recognized the '70s Queen, Leo Sayer and Elton John influences. Talk about broad mass appeal.


As such, the lanky Mika (born Michael Holbrook Penniman) would seem to be the perfect pop star -- without alteration. Sexy and yet approachable and non-threatening, his material, like the opening disco bauble Relax (Take It Easy) and contagious Ring Ring and Grace Kelly, pack plentiful hooks. His voice has range -- at 23, he's better enjoy that piercing falsetto while he's still young enough to deploy it (ask Barry Gibb how hard that is to maintain with age). Plus, he's smart enough to surround himself with an agile band who could handle his originals and reworked covers of the Eurythmics (Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)) and the Jackson 5's I Want You Back with equal aplomb.


Mika's an unapologetic showman, too, with an appetite for vaudeville and camp. Pre-show he had women dressed as Goldilocks handing out lollipops since one of his frothiest songs is called Lollipop. He'd perform that number as his finale amid confetti and balloons while dressed as a big brown bear alongside his bandmates who portrayed other animals from some Alice in Wonderland fantasy.


For the aerobics class must-have, Big Girls (You Are Beautiful), Mika cavorted on stage with two, uh, large ladies who were clad in bright blue ruffled bathing suits. For Love Today, much harder rocking and superior to its recorded version, he'd leap atop the drum riser before punishing a drum of his own center stage. His stage presence is stratospheric.


Mika will need to continue to challenge himself equally in the songwriting department as some newly-written material failed to impress.


Still, pop music's in need of a new king and the versatile Mika, who sings about how he ''tried to be like Grace Kelly,'' and wound up ''a little Freddie'' proved on his inaugural American tour he's got what it takes to claim the crown.

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Whoa! What a way to end a tour. :boxed:


Despite the numerous complications, I'm sure he was wonderful. It must have been insanely frustrating for him, but the show must go on. Good job, Mika! You're a pro!

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It was the one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life! My friend and I got at the venue at six, and waited three hours in the rain, but it was worth it! We ended up front row center and it was absolutely amazing! He and the band were musically spot-on! Love Today was definately the highlight of the show, I got to touch him and he gave me the one of the drumsticks he used to bang on the trashcan at the end of the song!!!!











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