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Mika on Graham Norton with Chew Chew!!!

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Hey, did anyone see Mika on Graham Norton on Thursday or the CoolDown Version on Sunday?!? He was so cute on it- his laugh is adorable. He explained about the Grace kelly practical joke someone played on him, claiming that he wasn't allowed into Monaco (think it was that) because the words "I tried to be like Grace Kelly , but all of her looks were too sad" were offensive!!! Then he sang 'Love Today' with his band, and Chew Chew the Monkey, and expalined that Chew Chew was taking the place of Martin Waugh, who's just had a baby (not him, obviously!!!) He seems really funny, and cute, but obviously we all knew that anyway!!! Sorry if this has already been posted!!! :thumb_yello::biggrin2::woot_jump::gathering::fish::) Hahaha *laughing at smilies*

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it was soo ggood, lol i started getting worried (on sunday) when he played love today and they started showing the creds cos i thought it was over and i was thinking nooo where's the rest of it, luckily i didn't switch off tv otherwise i would have missed it phew *wipes forehead*

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yeah and Dustin Hoffman catched mika looking at his wife's cleveage! that was soooo funny ! Mika got very embarassed though :blush-anim-cl:


Did he now? :naughty: When? I saw the part when Dustin Hoffman said something like "Let me tell you about my wife's skin?" Was it the bit just before that?

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Graham Norton Show 2007-S1xE9 Dustin and Lisa Hoffmam-part 2

Graham is joined by Dustin Hoffman and his wife Lisa Hoffman who talk about Lisa's new line of cosmetic products. Mika also pops by talking about how a practical joke made him believe he was banned from Morocco, because of lyrics used in the song Grace Kelly. He then performs his single Love Today. Part 2 Cooldown included.



VK 2007.04.26 Graham Norton Show


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