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I joined the club!


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Hey, I'm new to the club too, hope you don't mind me joining:roftl:


Well, what can I say, my name is Ingrid from the wonderful Netherlands. I first saw Mika on a tv show and I totally adored him right away. Must be his charm etc. anyway, he performed Grace Kelly and I was stunned and surfed on the internet to find some information. Then ofcourse bought the album and I still totally love it. He's amazing! Even so amazing that I decided to make a site about him, just check it out for fun: http://www.mika.sugarcutie.net


It's not good though but I keep improving it.


Now, I hope I'm gonna have a great time on this forum meeting other Mika fans, and I'm pretty sure I will have fun here:biggrin2:


Well, I'll stop now:wink2:

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hi Indrid,


Welcome to our global Mika world, we have many people from holland here, and many from other parts of the globe...Have fun here with us , we are a very friendly family....and if ever you need anything or any advice, pm me and i'll try and help!:thumb_yello:

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