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'Who's Next? Critical Eye: Mika' Videos!


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Thanks Sou!


That was a rather smarmy interview voice though... I think by now I get a bit irritated when they really try to play his backstory up so much. I mean, yes, he was a talented kid and didn't have the usual upbringing, but his music is about the now. And they tend to be waaaay into painting him as something he isn't really, like they really want to make his childhood "weirder" than it was. (Like how they initially ran with the story of his dad being held hostage and kidnapped or whatever.) I'll be happy when these little profiles of him just mention that yes, he's had classical music training and experience, and then just move on from there.



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Thanks Sou,


Got distracted and watched all of the video's, plus a little extra. So I have only been able to read this thread (in about 1 hour).


Thanks again, great work.



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Awww, thanks everyone!! You're all fabbbbb!!!!!!! :huglove:

شكرا كتر:thumb_yello:

That was extra nice of you, I enjoyed those sooooo much! Thanks again




Wow! I didn't even know Arabic letters could appear on the forums! I thought they'd turn into symbols, hehe

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