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HEY WATCH!!! MIKA interview in Hong Kong


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OMFG!!! HE LIKES DRAONBALLZ!!! OMG I love him even more...if thats possible...thnks for sharing! and he's wearing that famous pink cartoon top! and bless him speaking cantonese lol..


thanks so much for sharing!

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He likes DRAGON BALL Z like me!!!!

One thing more we've got in common :roftl:

I wish I coud have his phone number like the english radios, I'd invite him to watch it with me ....


HE's sooo funny!!

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"I... killed... Mika!"




Ahaha, I have the Astroboy theme tune stuck in my head now...


I must admit, I don't like Dragonball Z any more (I used to)... perhaps it was the atrocious dubbing and Funimation-ification that killed it for me >_O I ought to see the original Japanese version, I guess... I got fed up with the loooonnnng, drawn out battles, though. However, the original Japanese version did have some good music. ("CHA-LA!! HEAD CHA-LA!!" XDD )


I wonder if he's seen Excel Saga...? That show is INSANE. *sings* Sore wa ai ja naaaaaiiiii...

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