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  1. Fan Survey?

    Done ✅, impatient to know the results
  2. Advertising for Pilot pens

    NICE advert ! Thanks a lot for sharing !
  3. French speaking thread - Part 5

    OUI, nous allons la traduire en français, juste le bout avec MIKA. Un peu de patience
  4. Thank you so much, Eriko ! I can't open the mp3 link
  5. Beautiful idea to send him flowers !
  6. Hi from a new fan

    Hi Elenita , welcome on MFC! I am Roseline from France. I hope you will have lots of fun with us here. Fingers crossed that Mika will go back to China next year !
  7. Hi from Poland :-)

    Hi @Ewa12! welcome on MFC ! If you want to practice your French, come on the French speaking thread I am Roseline from France. I wish you a lot of fun with us !
  8. Ciao!

    Hello Melissa ! welcome on MFC ! Hope you will have lots of fun with us !
  9. Hi

    Hi Alex ! Welcome on MFC and in Mika's crazy world i love every song of Mika but the French songs are really beautiful and different from English songs. The wording is really good. Do you know J'ai pas envie ? I find this song very funny. Welcome here and see you soon !
  10. French speaking thread - Part 5

    Bonjour Loo ! Beinvenue sur le forum français du MFC Le mot de passe est toujours sous le lien de la vidéo pour les trouver, tu dois aller dans le topic de la team de sous-titrage: Crazyaboutmika est partout si tu as d'autres questions, n'hésite pas ! Bonne journée !
  11. It was one of my favorite shows from last year ! I remember meeting you there. Lovely report ! Brings back many memories. Thank you
  12. Software Upgrade

    The MFC sounds great ???? thanks for the warning Deb !
  13. I already booked the hotel for a week, so I am still going to ski but it won't be the same.
  14. The gig is canceled... too bad. Someone called there to ask ...
  15. Yes and I am staying the whole week. I love skiing !