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  1. Bonne anniversaire :flowers2:

  2. All the tickets are sold, good luck everyone to find tickets if you still need one.
  3. I am selling two tickets for London. Pm me if interested
  4. Great news my friends ! I have two tickets to sold. They’re situed on balcony 2. 56 euros each if you are interested.
  5. @Chriss-MikaFan and me will probably go to the ibis style too
  6. I am so happy, first gig in Uk. I am going with @Chriss-MikaFan
  7. happy-birthday-in-french-joyeux-annivers

    1. Paoletta


      :happybday::yay: happy birthday to youuu . i wish you a beautiful day :partytime2:

    2. Roseline


      I am very late but thank you so much 😊 

  8. I don't think He will start the tour before releasing the new album, they must be mistaken him with another Mika.
  9. How can i say that i am attending it ? I dont find the button in the calendar... dont worry people, i am going with Chriss Mikafan and we will record it 😄
  10. Could someone add the mini gig of the 2nd June in Stade de France for the finale of the Top 14, please ? I don't see it on the calendar, or something isn't working because when I click on June, I only see the first. 🙄
  11. Done ✅, impatient to know the results
  12. NICE advert ! Thanks a lot for sharing !
  13. OUI, nous allons la traduire en français, juste le bout avec MIKA. Un peu de patience
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