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  1. Thanks to Corinne for sharing her photos on twitter
  2. Thanks a lot in advance Florine Looking forward to your pics
  3. Hello Mika will sign his CD in Paris at Cultura des 4 temps at La Défense tomorrow from 3 PM to 6 PM. Have a lovely time with Mika, everyone who gets to go
  4. I want to hear it so much
  5. Hi Is there a thread for domani or a way to listen to it please?
  6. I bought my CD in France one day before the release date so I can wait.for both. I had a feeling it would happen again....
  7. You need to post this in the misheard lyrics thread
  8. Fantastic 🎉 Thank you so much for this very useful info @TTel20
  9. Hi You need to click on "click to choose files" and upload each photo or video separately. But it only works if you allow permission to share your files in your phone settings.
  10. Hi Maybe you need to allow permission to share on your phone settings. I used to have the same problem with mine and that's how I solved it.
  11. Thank you for that information Silver .I had preordered both the CD and the vinyl album from, but not to my surprise I haven't gotten any yet. Did anyone get the CD they preordered there yet?