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  1. Bloque cette personne. Block this person.
  2. If you are on instagram you will get a notification that Mika is doing a live. You can join the live and ask to be in it. But many fans will do that too. Mika might decide to let a few fans chat in his live but you would have to be very lucky. Si tu es sur instagram tu auras une notification que Mika fait un live..ensuite tu le regardes et tu peux cliquer pour demander à participer au live. Mais beaucoup de fans vont le faire aussi. Il se peut que Mika décide de laisser quelques fans participer à son live mais il faut avoir beaucoup de chance pour en faire partie.
  3. I wàs wondering what time on Sunday the MFC cruise would take place? I would like to join but is it in the morning/afternoon? Also I want to ask an MFCer friend and get her answer so I know if she will join too before I fill in the survey. I did that cruise before but I would love to spend time with all of you so much Thank you so much for organizing this Deb
  4. Tell them to try to log in using their e-mail adress instead of their user name because for security reason you can only use your e-mail address to log in now.
  5. It is blocked in France but I guess it would work with a VPN.
  6. I also think she did that I must say I'm also wondering if the answers were in the book she was holding
  7. We could still wear the moustaches outside in case we get to see Mika and bring them to each concert until he finally sees them That's what I did for my chicken I took it to several gigs until I was able to show it to Mika...and I even ended up bringing two of them
  8. I tried to record on my pc but it froze around the end of la suite so I will try with captv or by recording the replay if it works.
  9. Mika:That's nice. Can you rub a bit higher? Zazie: It's nice isn't it? It's true I am good at massages. "Surprise test for The Voice All Stars" Mika and Zazie Question: When did he/she start The Voice? Mika: Since season 3. No since season 2. And me since season 4. Zazie: I won. Mika: Really? Question: What did Louane sing at her blind audition? Mika: If you were there. But of course I don't know. Zazie: "Un homme heureux by William Sheller" Question: What is your favorite song by Mika/Zazie? Mika: "Stone" Zazie: I never wrote a song called "Stone" Mika: The world is stone. Zazie: It isn't by me. Mika: I thought it was by you. Zazie: Well so I love Mika's song "Sympathy for the Devil" I think it's a fantastic song! So true to him! Zazie: Something under water. "Underwater" Yes I like that one a lot! Mika: I sang it with a "quartor" (quartet but Mika says quarter 😂) Zazie: Yeah a "quarter" 😂 Mika: A quarter 😂 Zazie: Forgive us. We haven't worked for a very long time. We see people again for the first time. We feel like laughing all the time. Mika: I haven't been speaking French for a long time. We see people for the first time. Question: How many victories for each? Zazie: Actually Mika I know. Mika had two and me too. Mika: Yes it's true. Zazie: Lilian and Maëlle. And you? Kendji and then... Mika: Whitney Question: Their wierdest habit during the show? Zazie: I like it when he is mischevious. For example at the beginning of something when everyone is supposed to be a bit serious it might happen that he brings a little notebook and draw for me during the first 15 minutes. So it can be nice things , funny things... Mika: She likes to... Zazie: drink. No! No! One year he had said that: "She drinks a lot" So nice of him! Mika: No she likes to keep her lips moist. Zazie: Yeah. Mika: It's really something: Dome people like to wear lipstick or lip balm. Question: Who was the first winner of The Voice? Mika: Louis Delort. Zazie: I don't know. Question: With whom did Kendji sing his duet at The Voice final? Zazie: You are the one who can answer, I wasn't there. I had to go to the swimming pool on that day. Mika: Kendji sang with... Zazie: Véronique Samson? The girl who is trying things you know...an Australian? Yes the one who sings very well you know who sang "pour aller plus haut" Mika: Ah. Kylie Minogue. Zazie: No! You had forgotten that? Mika: No but it is true. What an unlikely duet! Zazie: Right now our score is 0,5/20. Question: Which contestant would you have liked to steal? Zazie: I really liked Hiba Tawaji. She was one of your contestants, right? Mika: I think that still now and more today than during his The Voice season Lilian Renaud should have a bigger carrier than he does. Question: When was M. Pokora a coach in The Voice? Mika: A year when we both were coaches as well. Zazie: The 6th season. Mika: With you? Zazie: Is that correct? @Kumazzz @Hero
  10. Team Mika babies @crazyaboutmika and @Prisca Team Sharky and Moo: @Hero @TinyLove_CJ @Fenny Who else?
  11. Oh geez yes I am really bad with numbers I'll fix it thank you
  12. Yes Beauregard is adorable I will never forget how he looked as us and waved to us in the car just like Mika after the 2016 Hotel Accord Arena concert Thank you @Priscafor noticing my typo I fixed it now
  13. It is so strange because Rose opened tnis thread in 2008 and I got the notification yesterday
  14. Yes A hundred little Mikas would be so cute and all Mika's fans who would want to could babysit for him
  15. J'espère que tu trouveras un travail qui te conviendra grâce à l'expérience de travail avec ton beau frère Ça serait sympa d'avoir un live de Mika mais on ne peut pas prèvoir quand il y en aura un. En tout cas avec The Voice et XFactor c'est sûr qu'il sera plus présent sur les réseaux I hope you will find a job after some time thanks to working with your brother in law It would be great if Mika did a live but it is unpredictable when he will. However with The Voice and XFactor he will certainly use socials more
  16. Thank you Silver it will be helpful Merci Silver ça sera utile
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