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  1. Baby, Happy Birthday. Hope your day was great. And I'm absolutly looking foreward to this saturday. Love you
  2. mh.. but that not the strangest thing about them.. :S But hey, that's life
  3. Fan wow i love facebook. Great side so i can keep in touch with the old cast which i adore
  4. oii same here.. I didnt know that.. Just wanted to share my story.. : Well 3 months before my daddy told me that my granpa is gay and lives with his lover and my granma. And my granma thinks Rene is her boy nd not my granpas Kinda sad if you know that after 16 years.
  5. Rene s my man. But the sadest thing is that my granpas lover is also called Rene. How strange this world is damn.
  6. yaaa I saw the L-word, but i like queer as folk more. The best man I met last year was Rene. And yes, he's gay. He's my meanqueen No. 1 He's a musicalartist and was here for a year to play in WWRY. Now he's in Germany and I miss him badly He changed my life like no other did before. I' m so grateful for that. Rene, Mykl and Brett MEANQUEENS
  7. :D I loved her. And still do. My friend n melove her style. XD But when she performes, she's kinda on drugs XD funny
  8. oii same over here. It's great. Wish I could play the piano as well
  9. I love many actresses.. no wonder, I'm a movie freak XD I like women like: Angelina Jolie Natalie Portman Scarlett Johanson Michele Pfeifer (HAIRSPRAYYY ) And till I saw Walk The Line I absolutly adore Reese. It's my favourite movie for about 2 years and I still love watching it over and over again! Joaquin Phoenix
  10. I sent you the letter. Hope you got it love, lea
  11. I sent the things to you and I hope that you/the others like it love
  12. You don't wanna know it XD *haha* joking.. I think it was always in your heart and I got it out XD
  13. I love Mika, but I chose Freddie. He is the man for me. Don't want an other one :)
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