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  1. Los Angeles! Tickets go on sale for the El Rey show on April 15 in a few minutes (I don't see a thread for this show yet), and I was just reminiscing about this Ace Theatre show. Hope to see some more MFC members at the El Rey! And so ready for a GA Mika gig!
  2. Reading through the lyrics again, I could see that maybe the subject of the song isn’t “seen” or “accepted” as a girl in the eyes of others. The lyrics say that she doesn’t have to conform to any standards to be a girl... or to be whoever you want/ know yourself to be. Also, I just really love the whole song, and especially these lines: “She says life is made up of decisions / But that everyone of them must be your own”
  3. I saw Dita take her seat (she was only a few rows behind me!), and then I saw Perez as I was leaving the orchestra section! It was so heartwarming to see that they are all still great friends.
  4. What an amazing show One highlight for me was sitting right behind a little girl and her parents (she looked to be about 6 to me?). She was wearing an adorable pink dress with candy printed all over it and fuzzy, glittery pink sleeves. She stood up on her chair the whole time so she could see, and when Mika ran down the aisle right next to her, she looked stunned, and her parents looked overjoyed! It made me so happy to see her enjoying the show. It was also so nice to meet you and your daughters, @nvk!! I didn't take many photos, but here are two that are ok. I also shared some videos that are on my Instagram story (deanna_etc) right now, which someone from the MFC Instagram account reposted.
  5. 11 days to go, L.A.! 😁 If anyone is interested in meeting up, I recommend Grand Central Market as a spot! It's a 15-17 minute walk from the Theatre, but it has a great ice cream spot called McConnell's that I'll probably hit up before the gig anyway because I can't travel downtown without indulging 🍦
  6. So beautiful! It made my heart soar like when I heard TOOL (the song) for the first time, but for a different reason. It feels both fresh and familiar. Very excited to hear this live soon!
  7. That's true! Thanks for the reminder and perspective I also noticed some of his shows on this US tour are in seated theatres and some are standing room only, which is interesting, and probably just a condition of what venues were available at the time. I've seen him both ways, and both were enjoyable.
  8. Presale code works for LA, but the price...? $45.50 for one ticket + $15.49 convenience fees = $60.99! Always a bummer to see venues/ticket sellers take advantage of fans. 😕
  9. Cannot wait! Very excited to connect with some US MFC members. It's been a while! (Also fingers crossed for a presale code 🤞)
  10. I missed the live broadcast, but just watched a clip! So surreal! I wonder if he knew it was happening!
  11. My sister shared this video with me. She knows anything and everything MIKA I should know about Also, my aunt just got a kitten and said she didn't know what to name it, but one day she woke up with the name Mika on her mind and she liked it! She had no idea who Meeks was, but I told her it was the perfect choice
  12. Dang... I'll be driving through New York on my way to DC while everyone's waiting for this show! If we get stuck in NYC traffic, I'll try to make a mad dash for the Park So exciting though! I bet it'll be "Talk About You," maybe "Good Guys" if he plays two new songs because the video just came out... but probably some older ones.