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  1. That's true! Thanks for the reminder and perspective I also noticed some of his shows on this US tour are in seated theatres and some are standing room only, which is interesting, and probably just a condition of what venues were available at the time. I've seen him both ways, and both were enjoyable.
  2. Presale code works for LA, but the price...? $45.50 for one ticket + $15.49 convenience fees = $60.99! Always a bummer to see venues/ticket sellers take advantage of fans. 😕
  3. Cannot wait! Very excited to connect with some US MFC members. It's been a while! (Also fingers crossed for a presale code 🤞)
  4. I missed the live broadcast, but just watched a clip! So surreal! I wonder if he knew it was happening!
  5. My sister shared this video with me. She knows anything and everything MIKA I should know about Also, my aunt just got a kitten and said she didn't know what to name it, but one day she woke up with the name Mika on her mind and she liked it! She had no idea who Meeks was, but I told her it was the perfect choice
  6. Dang... I'll be driving through New York on my way to DC while everyone's waiting for this show! If we get stuck in NYC traffic, I'll try to make a mad dash for the Park So exciting though! I bet it'll be "Talk About You," maybe "Good Guys" if he plays two new songs because the video just came out... but probably some older ones.
  7. Mika was just streaming on Periscope! Don't know for how long and not sure if he'll be back:
  8. I agree haha. Glad more of the art is back! It's like he merged TOOL and LICM into one album cover this time, though.
  9. So excited to be able to catch this! Though I wish they didn't sing in unison almost the whole time. It works better when they take more turns because Arianna's trying to run those scales, and Mika sounds like Mika I think the funniest part was when Mika shook Joseph Gordon Levitt's hand at the end of the show and Arianna stood between them looking like That's exactly what I would have looked like too haha!
  10. They mentioned Mika & played a bit of Grace Kelly on "What a Load of Buzzcocks"... a weekly series reminiscing every year of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. (just put out a new season, guys, like c'mon this is silly haha) This week's was 2007 and they mentioned how he burst onto the scene that year... or they actually said something about grabbing "his pop career by the balls... which is how he managed to hit those high notes." Haven't found a youtube link yet, but it's on the bbc iplayer here: (starting around 16 min and 50 seconds into the programme).
  11. Also: I hope any Bostonians in here are safe today. I was outside the city for the day and I count myself lucky for that, but I hope you and your loved ones are doing okay!