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  1. Hello !!! Has anybody seen the setlist of the gig in Paris (Bercy, 26/27th) ? I can't find it anywhere...so I hope you'll be able to help me ! Thanxxxxx !
  2. Thanks for the great video of rain and all the pictures... But I have to ask: Does anybody have the setlist of the show ?? I can't remember it ! Thanksss !!!!
  3. Hello everybody...I ve just found that amazing thread ! I'd like to know if somedy has the Lady Jane and Lonely alcoholic music sheets for the piano ? I'd like to be able to play them ! They are my favourite ! Thank u very much xoxo Estelle
  4. I would like a ticket for the gig in PARIS, on thursday, 11th... Thanks Tekilla
  5. Hi everybody ::: I am not californian but I'm actually planning to go to LA... I'd like to know what are the best district to stay at a hotel. By "best" I mean the kind of place where you won't be attacked and robbed or anything else (and not the five-star hotel)... I hope someone will be able to help me ... Thank u !
  6. Thanks so much for the report , the pics and the vids !!! AWESOME !!! I wish I were there ... Hope he ll come to France soooon ... Great songs anyway !! Thank you all !
  7. Very tall, handsome, and sweet !! Most of all, he has such an expression in his look ! OMG wonderful... When he looks at you, you really feel as if you were the only one in the crowd he is talking to ! You feel as if he really cares a lot about what you re saying ! He is so charming ! And I am gonna calm down now or else I will die thinking about it again...
  8. I m actually thinking about a very nice place in France... The Grand Theatre in Bordeaux. Check it out: http://www.opera-bordeaux.com/ It can welcome operas, concerts , and plays so I think there must be a very good acoustic !! Perfect for him, and beautiful !
  9. I can't tell you in french, I have to translate the english sentence into french ... and I don't have the meaning in french ... But thanks :!!
  10. I am trying to translate a sentence into French but I can't succeed in ... If you can help me ... British readers, just tell me what you understand pleaseee.. and I ll translate it on my own : "We were all being shot backwards and forward on this plain foundation to make some pattern ... " Thank you very much
  11. No I am too kind to be vodooed lol (new word .. I am french but I think it makes sense .. you should understand ..)
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