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  1. Ah quindi quello in cui siamo noi altre cosa sarebbe? Esiste e per chi vuole attivarsi, malgrado le amministratrici non abbiano modo, è aperto a proposte! Credo che iniziative collettive e condivise siano più apprezzabili, anche per Mika stesso!
  2. Ciao! Essendo tutti componenti del Mika Fan Club, non sarebbe meglio organizzare qualcosa di omogeneo tra tutti direttamente su Fan Action Mika Italia su Facebook? Dove siamo la maggioranza e possiamo scambiarci idee e trovarci di comune accordo per le FA?! Sennò esce una baraonda di iniziative! Posta lì la tua idea 😊
  3. Oh I can guess!! It was amazing from home, let alone the live show! Lucky you! Thanks for your welcome! 🤗
  4. It's my pleasure I know you indirectly on others social! Thanks about what you share with us about Mika! For sure! I hope so too! Thanks a lot for your welcome!
  5. Thanks a lot! yeah it was wonderful.. no instead it was absolutely magic! the perfect place to set the Symphonic!😍
  6. Le plaisir est pour moi 😊 J'aime la France et votre langue!
  7. Ah condividiamo Firenze! Sarà doppiamente un piacere conoscerti allora! 😊 senza dubbio già siete tutti cosi accoglienti! Grazie! ♥
  8. Greetings to all of you! My name is Verdiana, I'm 25 years old and I'm Italian! I was born in Abruzzo but I live in Florence for two years! I am posting this because I am new to the site and I would like to meet people with whom I share the love for Mika, and to make friends. I speak English quite well and a rusty 10 year old French. The first Mika concert I attended was in 2015, but I've listened to his music since I was a teenager! I would have liked to take part in the Casa Mika recordings, but I did not get the chance, due to the study. But I always followed him closely! You can find more information about me on my profile and on Twitter or Instagram I have already followed some of you on social media, thanks for sharing Mika. Thanks for the welcome in this fantastic group! I hope that soon, on the next tour, I can have the pleasure to meet you in person and why not collaborate in the initiatives for our Mika. PS: in case there is a group chat on Twitter or WhatsApp I'd like to be part of it
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