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  1. Hello on Monday everyone! :cheer:


    How are you doing? I'm enjoying holidays and doing sweet nothing... well maybe not complately nothing :teehee:

    I read a book "Three wishes" of Polish author in one day! Gosh it was such breathtaking story, I didn't have enough of this book! And today, if the weather won't break down, I'll go skating with my friend.


    But I wanted to say complately something else. I was doing some research for my Mika fanpage and I went to and I'm concerned how behind is this page with informations! That's a shame that representative page don't follow some current events and stuff :emot-sad:


    And because of the lack of information I have a question whether singles from No Place In Heaven album were released in physical form or just digital? I saw that there is a possibility to buy Talk About You but didn't find others. Also I'm curious whether someone here has got Dodgy Holidays EP. Never seen it before, it's totally unseen edition now!


    Have a nice day! :hug:



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      Off to bed. Good night girls!!  :huglove:

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      Good night Alba . Good night Anne