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  1. This is so cute, he’s just as excited as we are ❤️
  2. Mika living the mom life that’s pretty much what my computer and my sketchbooks look like… (And if we wanted also our floors, doors and cabinets, but we accidentally ran out of stickers for that! )
  3. ….no punctuation whatsoever in my last message this is however how I talk in real life, people beware!! (Ask Karin, she was dead tired after hanging out with me the whole day )
  4. I just asked Erik, he recommends to not ask upfront (which ultimately means reserving a conference room) but to spontaneously look and ask about it on Friday, to see what the possibilities are. If there isn’t a football match on Saturday evening they need to see a rerun of in the lobby who knows? In the rooms are also TVs, so for those who want to watch together and have friends staying at the Mercure that is also an option 😊
  5. That looks really good and I love the green! I can’t wait to see how it looks on you, but I’m sure it is stunning, because the blue dress looked really good on you as well
  6. This song was used in a Dutch TV commercial for cookies…. I know what I will be hearing (and craving!) all day 🍪 🍪 🍪
  7. Before we get into a discussion about academic and alternative medicine: I personally think Mika promoting this product goes to show that he is always looking at things in a broader and a more colourful perspective, which is exactly in line with what he stands for (or at least this is my interpretation). It provokes empathy, because probably most of us are reading up on this product to gain an understanding of it. To become more knowledgeable in the end ☺️
  8. SAME!!!! It looks like a little face! Mika, in case you have burned your hand (doesn’t look infected though as you would expect from a third degree burn), I am not sorry for making fun of you 😆 but I will tell you off for being dumb!!
  9. Mika: “….stand here” Other person: “Should I take a photo then?” Mika: “Nooo” *scrunges face*
  10. She’s waiting for that insanely pretty, but also expensive dress to be reduced to a respectable price 😆
  11. Oh btw, for anyone counting down: JUST TWO MORE WEEKS and the first MFCers are touching down in Paris!!!!!! ARE WE READYYYY
  12. Yeah, or sometimes people just do it and no one notices *gasp* (although I think the atmosphere is a bit different in the Philharmonie!) I know what you mean, since I live in Germany (masks required indoors), but work in the NL (like you said: not since summer), it’s an easy switch. But yes, you get used to not wearing one very very quickly!!! And also, I love to see people’s entire face and their smile (not just their teeth @Heroand @Prisca!) Of course we all see eachother outside of the venue and know what we look like, but there is just a different and more welcoming vibe when you see someone’s entire face smile. I’ve noticed that when face masks weren’t required anymore indoors at work. People started greeting eachother again.
  13. Honey, a gag and a facemask are still not the same thing!
  14. From the moment the concerts were announced we were (and of course still are) worried, because of the pandemic. Just imagine us sitting there without face masks? I know I will have a huge smile on my face! And everyone will be able to see it!
  15. He recovered quickly thanks to the food! (Or this is the part that already had been recorded in advance 😉)
  16. It’s a soup, he’s eating something similar to Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup)
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