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What would Mika never say?


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haha! only the pink pony riders know what that means!:bleh: :bleh: :bleh: wait a minute....doesnt pink pony rider sound a little dirty to you glow?:naughty:

:roftl: That's something else Mika would never say (I hope)


"Yes, I'm a pink pony rider." :naughty:

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Just to check, does chicken = knitting?


yes, sort of :wink2:



"I'm the shortest person in the world." :naughty:


Something random he'd never say


"I have a pet unicorn." :shocked:


this thread sure is funny! :naughty:


but I actually think you're wrong about these two. I think this is something he could say! :roftl: (lies of course, but that's not the point :naughty::bleh: )

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IngievV that quote in your signature...I so know it but I don't remember from where:mail: ...please, enlighten me:naughty:


I only see this now. I've got it from an icon, euhm let's see *Looks*




I love it:biggrin2:

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